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    Typical ad hominem attack. Publicly attacked in this section of the forum for a recent post that vaguely dealt with politics.
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    Ha! Yes! Tons of rush themed symbols throughout!
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    Agreed, as an example it isn’t enough to passively oppose racism, people should be anti-racist. NY Times best seller in the subject right now.
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    What kind of mushrooms do you consume before talking politics? I'd like to know so I can avoid them should I ever get into mushrooms. Or politics. And as far as "Everyone I talked to when I came back in PM’s agreed," umm, how many people is "everyone," like, two? Your only two sympathizers in SOCN? Is that supposed to affect me in some way? I'm sure you're aware of what the SOCN rules state about bringing conflicts from that section out to the rest of the board, like you're doing here? Probably around 20. And no one denies the double standard or that I was the one opposing the racism. Right?
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    1-0-0 just publicly attacked me for making a legitimate post and I want to defend myself, (MOD EDIT: That post is HERE) Yes, I was banned from SOCN a couple years ago. After many years hanging out there and untold thousands of post I was suspended 2 or 3 times.. Once for calling out bigotry against an attack against an atheist. And the other was for defending an attack against Neil in GenPop by a LABT who hates him because of his political beliefs and I called it out. I gladly took that one. But everyone who ever posted in SOCN knows there was always a double standard against liberals by 1-0-0 and the mods. Every liberal that posted there was constantly personally assaulted and the mods turned a blind eye because obviously they felt they deserved it. Hell, I was even Doxxed and the mods did nothing. The mods let the conservatives get away with 8 years of spewing never ending racism against Obama. There was endless birther conspiracies and attacks for being Muslim and so on. There was always some racist posts from the attacks on Muslims (NY mosque) to present day Trump racist propaganda. No one was ever called out once for posting and promoting that racist garbage. Ever. I was banned for suggesting that some posters motives might be racism. Imagine that! I mean, it was obviously true, but still! And also, since Trump we have a wealth of social science that actually proves I was right. What I said was a fact. I can post endless material supporting that conclusion as we look at people’s identities. (See:Lilliana Mason) Other than to see old friends when Neil passed away I could care less about this place. Like the other liberals I moved on long before the ban and rarely posted as it was. This was a legitimate reference To Rush that could be posted on any other a rush forum, but once again, if it hints at anything negative to conservatives it is taboo. What a joke. Some things never change. The first rule of Rush Club is don’t talk about a Rush, especially if people might find out they were atheists and progressives and abhorred bigots. They get banned. 1-0-0 will delete this I am sure. But it is a fact. We both know it. Everyone I talked to when I came back in PM’s agreed. You can claim to be fair but you allowed endlessly bigotry and attacked those who confronted it. You can live with that, my conscious is clear,
  6. Saw a reference to this book American treasure and Nobel laureate author William Faulkner wrote many widely acclaimed novels in the early 20th century but this reference comes from the book Absalom, Absalom! (1936) Trump’s niece created a fake company (Compson Enterprises) and used the fake family name (Mary Compson) from the novel to conceal her identity as she worked with a publisher to write a new “tell all” book about Trump that is coming out soon. And of course the irony is she chose the names because the book is about a highly dysfunctional family. I read the book many years ago because Neil Pearl made reference to the title as everyone here knows, in the song Distant Early Warning. Funny how the world always circles back around. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absalom,_Absalom!
  7. When I originally read Clockwork Angels and saw the blatent clunky way lyrics were being worked in I was disappointed preferring that, like the songs, the meanings and words were more like Easter Eggs and little tidbits and clues or mini-homages to the songs and ideas than the way it was done. Now I know other who don't know much of the lyrics and it was fine and to them. But my first thought was that it went over on the hooptedoodle. I know Keven said in his talk at Rushcon that Neil was worried about it as well, but eventually signed off. I think of Neil's view of Hooptedoodle and have used the word for years now in my regular lexicon. It comes from Bubba's review of Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon about an entire chapter that was a single run on glorious f***ing sentence. “Hooptedoodle” comes from the comic Prologue to Steinbeck’s Sweet Thursday, the sequel to Cannery Row. A couple of the shared characters — bums — are discussing the first book: One night Mack lay back on his bed in the Palace Flophouse and he said, “I ain’t never been satisfied with that book Cannery Row. I would have went about it different.” Mack goes on to describe to his friend, Whitey No. 2, what he likes in a book, in terms of chapter titles and lots of “talk,” and some description, but not too much. “I like to know what color a thing is, how it smells and maybe how it looks, and maybe how a guy feels about it — but not too much of that.” “You sure are a critic,” said Whitey No. 2. “Mack, I never give you credit before. Is that all?” “No,” said Mack. “Sometimes I want a book to break loose with a bunch of hooptedoodle. The guy’s writing it, give him a chance to do a little hooptedoodle. Spin up some pretty words maybe, or sing a little song with language. That’s nice.” So I get that many thought KA's use of lyrics was a little too much Hooptedoodle. I can't argue that. But like Mack, I can live with it.
  8. Agreed. Really cool on the Gold Edition. Jelly.
  9. You mean this list? https://www.nypl.org...rt-reading-list You could always try posting something to "Turn the Page/What Are You Reading" to see if anyone would be interested in discussing any of these books. I've read 20 of the authors listed; some I enjoyed, others I didn't. From the NP books that I've read, I'm surprised that Dos Passos didn't make the list. (But then again KJA had 3 listings, so there obviously wasn't any room. :P ) Yep, that list! Seen this a while back. Really cool. Made me think of this. From Episode 15 This beautiful truth is attributed to Philo of Alexandria, among others, but I favor Philo for the quote. Philo was a Jewish philosopher who lived in Egypt under the Romans at the time of Christ, which seems the right time and place to have offered such generous advice. That such deep wisdom is still rarely followed, after 2,000 years, is a shame, and you have to wonder, “Why didn’t we ever learn anything from these ancient sages?” The easy answer is that humans are weak-willed and self-centered—yet it remains strange to me that we often resist clear “goodness” (generosity to the unfortunate, say) so coldly, but devote ourselves unstintingly, selflessly, to following meaningless rituals and customs. Observe a holy holiday without fail, yes—but commit a random act of kindness? Not so likely. Philo would agree; we’ve still got a lot of work to do on the concept of being kind, and at appreciating the hard battles others must fight every day. Still, Philo’s spirit remains in the best of us, and since his time, certain novelists have exemplified that generosity in their art. They present their characters with similar compassion, and invite their readers to experience the “hard battles” of others for themselves, in a way that no other artform can achieve. Paintings, films, photography, music—all can arouse emotions and present moments of truth, but reading engages one’s inner eye, one’s imagination, like no other medium, and is the only way that other lives are truly embraced, taken into one’s own life. Authors such as Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, John Dos Passos, John Steinbeck, Nadine Gordimer, and Saul Bellow—just to name a prominent few—have given us this generous spirit in their novels. Their characters are felt, and felt for, but not judged.
  10. It's a shame that you have an issue with those of us who think KJA is a hack and glommed on to Neil's popularity to write a series of substandard books which only serve to diminish the legacy of Peart. #endrant Tribalism has a hard pull and leads people to keep throwing out strawman. I don't care if you don't like KJA, honestly. I just don't know why so many feel the need to attack those who do have an interest. And it's a flat out lie to claim KJA "glommed on Neil's popularity" . Neil worked with and approved and even instigated the entire endeavor. It certainly did not hurt Neil's legacy. My point is that if you don't like the "style", many people loved the concepts included in Clockwork Angels and all the books Neil drew from that inspired the work. Many also felt it was a great companion piece to the album, including me. I could even laugh at the way the verses were worked into the novel, but I understand if others can't. Again, I never defended KJA as a paragon of deep literature. But for those claiming some higher ground in literary standards it's odd to me because any attempt to discuss things like Bubba's affection for postmodern literature from Lynn Coady's The Antagonist to Barth's epic works like The Sot Weed Factor will never get a second glance glance in this forum. In fact, you could rarely get anyone to talk about any selection from Bubba's. I mean let's face it, most of the fans have self-admitted they don't even care about the words. Half of them were upset when they found out what it was saying which is why they have the no talking about lyrics rules. Many people here attacked Neil's lyrics and books (Ghost Rider) as well. I get it. But the fact I posted an update as to a possible third book got more people upset than BU2B. You would not think posting about such things (Neil's books) but there you have it. Everyone can just go back to bitching about the mix on Vaper Trails. God forbid someone mention Candide.
  11. It reminds me of the old saying, "The first rule of Rush Club is you don't talk about Rush". I get that many don't like KA's books or style but obviously given the ties to Rush, Neil's concepts and how we will look back on that I would think many would be interested in seeing what KA does with Clockwork Destiny if it happens. I certainly will. I actually treasure the signed books I have right now. And no one defends and talks about Neil's literary choices as much as me around here being the biggest Bubba's Book Club fan around. It's a shame the bigger picture gets lost by a few KA haters. If you don't like it, don't read it. #endrant
  12. http://rushtributeproject.com/ Just saw this band Saturday night with about a 800 other Rush fans. They were really good so I want to give them props and recommend them if they come near. Like Rush they didn't talk much and did a cool little tribute set of Afterimage, Time Stand Still and The Garden. Songs I had avoided and it was definitely emotional but ultimately very well done without getting overly dramatic. I imagine it's what Neil would have liked and appreciated. I did.
  13. I was going to try and write a decent rebuttal to this, but then i remembered the pig-headed stupidity you continually display in SOCN. I'll just content myself with calling you an idiot instead. Hey I get that many people on this forum turned on Neil and hated him and his politics and the lyrics and ranted against him endlessly. I also get that they attacked anyone who defended him in SOCN. I got suspended once for pointing out a poster's hypocrisy right here in Gen Pop. As much as he hates Neil, it made me gag a little to see him posting tributes. But to be honest I barely remember you and couldn't point to anything of value you ever added in the discussions there. As to your strawman, show me where I wrote anything defending Kevin's literary ability. I mean you might not like Dog Years but that doesn't mean others can't, not to be condescending. And by the way, condescending is a word that means" talking down to people". Me and many others can appreciate and enjoy the books for what they were and laughed to them as much as enjoyed many of the deeper points in Clockwork Angels, both the album and novel. It adds to the entire book of Neil's career and since this encompassed his last and in many way most important work, it seems odd to me that you would feel the need to attack fans that point to it. It certainly seems odd that that specific passage triggered you. But whatever. No one is telling you to like it. If you hate the Garden or the moral concepts or whatever, that's your right.
  14. It happens that many like Rush because of the concepts portrayed in the lyrics. The morals. The last few weeks the forum has been filled with testimonials and declarations attesting to that fact. No one is forcing you to appreciate these concepts and attempting to belittle others that do, in a Rush Forum, seems a little bizarre. Even if you don’t appreciate the literary skills of Kevin Anderson, the concepts are derived from Neil who in turn arrived at them through what most consider great authors and literature. Do you want to belittle Neil’s song writing skills as well? It seems pretty similar. The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect So hard to earn, so easily burned In the fullness of time A garden to nurture and protect
  15. You actually think that's a good piece of writing? It’s like an old memory seeing a straw man here, lol. I get you probably don’t appreciate Neil’s concept about life which was also used in The Garden, but you don’t need to attack me.
  16. Bubba in his book review of The Lacuna Love and respect, love and respect—I have been carrying those words around with me for two years, daring to consider that perhaps they convey the real meaning of life. Beyond basic survival needs, everybody wants to be loved and respected. And neither is any good without the other. Love without respect can be as cold as pity; respect without love can be as grim as fear.
  17. But if you scrape away the gold paint, the ornate facade, or just the covering of dirt, everybody wants to be loved and respected. And neither is any good without the other. Love without respect can be as cold as pity; respect without love can be as grim as fear.—Clockwork Angels
  18. I had heard Kevin was doing a third Clockwork book (Clockwork Destiny) so I emailed him, offered condolences, and asked about it. — Hi Randy, Neil and I were developing Clockwork Destiny and had a fair amount of work done, but now I’ll have to complete it by myself. I have no estimated timeline. It was always on the back burner. A lot to process… best KJA
  19. I have seen a few fake ads on FB selling Neil Tribute shirts with obvious copyright infringement bullshit. FB says you can’t report copyright/trademark infringement and you have to get the owner to do it. Ignore that. Report it anyway as malicious/fake and FB actually reported to me they removed them. One as “Rush Lovers” and “Rush Fans”.
  20. i have posted here previously nd Lin claimed that Rush I’ll stand the test of time because their lyrics are metaphors (stories we tell ourselves) about the way we view the world and change with our experience, knowledge and perspective. Comic Steve Martin claimed certain classic Russian poetry did the same for him and it reminded me of Rush. And this event will add new perspective, like Neil said about his admiration of postmodernism, “the po before the mo”, the after changes the previous perspective.
  21. How did you get it? Did he give it to everyone in the group? If it's a shared correspondence then it's yours do with as you want and I am sure he appreciates your restraint. You are also not publishing the material for profit. But, again it goes back to how you got it and if it's copyrighted, which I highly doubt. Does anyone know who to talk to at 2112.net about there excerpts?
  22. If it's similar to what's in the link I see no problem. Neil wrote travel books and blogs and articles like this for years. If there is something personal then perhaps send it to someone who can get it to his wife or family.
  23. From page of The NY Times, regular columnist Bret Stephens. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/13/opinion/neil-peart-rush.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share
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