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  1. I really like this song. I find the lyrics intruiging. I wrote about Neil's spirituality on my blog earlier this year: My Blog
  2. I know "2112" is the best song on this LP, but I voted for "Tears", because it is the only time Geddy played a Mellotron. I wish he used it more, if only for the next 2 LPs, "AFTK" and "Hemispheres". So epic.
  3. Not only is "Available Light" my favourite of "Presto", it is my alltime favourite Rush song.
  4. Hiya everyone. I voted for Power Windows. A tough choice between it, Presto, Hemispheres, and Signals, but in the end memories won it over. It reminds me of my first post high school girlfriend, and 14 years on, they are still pleasant memories. (Although, it was a terrible time...remember being 17? urgh!)
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