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    Vapor Trails
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    Cinderella Man or Madrigal
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    Farewell To Kings
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    Hemispheres tour at age 12(ish)
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    King's X, Dixie Dregs, Miles Davis, Coltrane...Too many...
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  1. QUOTE (Jack Aubrey @ Nov 5 2004, 04:03 PM) QUOTE (paganoman @ Oct 17 2004, 01:58 PM) What is a froind? 'Froind' is from (of course) the part of 'La Villa Strangiaot' entitled 'Buenos Nochas Mein Froinds'. The boys combined Spanish and German for that titles. Unfortunately, they need some spelling and pronunciation lessons when it comes to German. The German word for friends is 'Freunde', which is pronounced 'Froin-duh'. Not 'Froind'. At least they got the 'mein' part right (which means, of course, 'my'). "Froinds" is a schizoid combination of "Freud" (as in Sigmund), "Freunde" and but of coarse the plural English of "Freinds" with a wee bit of occult literature or Tolken...I would venture to say It was by all means "spelled wrong" on purpose... Ala Neil's dry humor and fascination with Froid/Rand/etc... Hence the "La Villa Strangiato" title...La Villa meaning "the house" or "house of"... Followed by a bit of a sniglet (no such word really)..."Strangiato"...Hence "strange" with an added "iato" which is quite common in Japanese (and/or Italian for that matter)... ALA! "House of Strange".... / All in all it is a very cleverly pieced and composed (as usual) with a "cartoon" type vibe on titles and musical passages... Below is a bit of info... I don't know about the German song but obviously (me being a cartoon freak...lol) the first part is true... Anywho... Buenos Nochas, Mein Freunde"sss"... ';o) ...Barry "Various parts of La Villa Strangiato arrangement are more or less musical quotes from cartoon music. The first part, 'Buenos Nochas, Mein Froinds', is also kind of a quote. It's from the German song 'Gute Nacht, Freunde' and the song's got almost the same intro as La Villa. Note the resemblance in titles..."
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