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  1. QUOTE (pedro2112 @ Jun 30 2007, 02:29 PM) QUOTE (Brass Eye @ Jun 30 2007, 07:29 AM) QUOTE (Brass Eye @ Jun 29 2007, 08:45 AM) The book is a complete insult to the intelligence. "You've obviously never read the book. Anyone who actually has read the book and says it is an "insult to intelligence" is a palpable idiot." Oh, but I did read the book. As a Catholic, I felt the need, however distasteful I found it, to actually trawl my way through this unpleasant, badly edited, tome of hate speech. This man Dawkins is nothing more than egotist charlatan. And, Pedro, I don't mind people having differing opinions to me, it's what humanity is about, but don't descend to name calling. It's just stupid and a waste of time. So you read the book and you claim that it is an "insult to one's intelligence"? Name one single passage in the book that is not backed up by scientific fact. Look, I am not suggesting I agree with Dawkins (I don't). But he has an opinion, and frankly an opinion that is expotentially more logical and based on reason than his detractors. I could see someone saying, "I get what he's saying, I just think he's wrong about some things." This is my point of view. But to say that the book is an insult to intelligence is wrong. So wrong that anyone who has actually read the book and says that either has a completely closed mind or is a palpable idiot. I have not read the book either, but ironicly shortly after the other Faithless thread was closed, the pastor at my church made reference of reading Dawkin's book. He commented most notebly that other athiestic philosophers had reviewed the book and were embarrassed somewhat on how vitriolic it was, and that Dawkins should stick to his scientific field. My Pastor has his masters degrees in History , and Philosophy, and his doctorate degree in Divinity. He gives his sermons in blue jeans and a t-shirt, and we worship to rock music on Sunday mornings. I have yet to read Dawkins book, but I already can tell you that doubt he has raised many issues that I havent grappled with before. It is not like the christian faith is something that only the uneducated hold onto , or that it was something made up at an 8th grader slumber party. I wish I could cite the athiestic detractors of Dawkin's book , because it would show that it was not only the christains who found the book lacking.
  2. QUOTE (PariahDog @ Jun 9 2007, 01:11 AM)QUOTE (RushRevisited @ Jun 9 2007, 12:58 AM) http://www.byregion.net/images/members/SOLARIS_1.jpg Is this the Fly By Night owl and the head from Grace Under Pressure in her book? And the pyramid from Caress of Steel. . Are the stars from 2112??? .
  3. I wish I had some sort of a reference or link, but it seems to me that I can remember Geddy saying on more than one occasion, that in the early days they witnessed other bands exemplifying how NOT to conduct themselves on tour. The reference was to partying , drugs, and women. When asked specificly about groupies, he answered " well, we have wives". The negeative references, I believe were of Aerosmith, and Kiss. I like these guys!
  4. faultline


    QUOTE (RushRevisited @ Oct 15 2004, 10:37 PM) A thread here inspired me to pop in Rush In Rio again. Just saw Natural Science and cannot fathom why this song was dumped from the setlist this tour. GOD I hope they bring this back next time around. What musical inspiration, man... An absolutely kick ass song, played to perfection.... "we'd like to play something else from our Permanent Waves album, it's a little bit different....this is called Natural Science!"....yeah, thats what Geddy said in 1980...so you see, even Geddy new it was novel back then! Anyway, so everyone is right when they imply there is no grounds to complain for leaving NS out ot the set...but if ya I had to pick...I would replace it for: Limelight, Dreamline, and Animate...I would trade NS for those 3
  5. QUOTE (launchpad67a @ Sep 27 2004, 07:21 PM) Mine has to be Hold Your Fire as well. But Permanent Waves is a close second. I really think Time Stand Still, Mission and Prime Mover are three of the best tunes they ever wrote. Just an observation here but, has anyone ever noticed the 'old time' rush fans never would buy any recordings after about Moving Pictures? It was always the same reason "the new rush isn't the rush I grew up with". Well, I started listening to them around '76 and I love all the newer recordings. My feeling is they (almost) always have made a better cd than the one prior. Mike Mike, off topic, but who did they play with for the 2112 show??...any way, yeah I am sort of that guy- the old rush fan- because i was 17 years old when Perm/waves came out, and started listening when I was 13/14. so yeah, there is a lot of meaning to the early material just because of the sentimentality! BUT!!!I still enjoy the 80's material , and 90's too! just not as much. VT is one of my favorites, as it has nothing stale in it!..
  6. Bravado!...and, its because of the lyrics, and the live version of the song. I love the golden phoenix imagery...the whole live version is simply mesmorizing!
  7. I was glad when they brough "The Pass" out for the VP tour! ..To me it is an atypical Rush tune!...Like it could have been an Elton JOhn tune
  8. Manhatten Project..I love history, and lessons learned from noteable references-this is one of them!...The music really adds to the seriousness.
  9. QUOTE (1-0-0-1-0-0-1 @ Aug 30 2004, 01:00 AM) Still "Mr. Soul" for me. It's the most dense, most Rush-like song on the album. Me too...I really like the whole cd, but this is the one that is most interesting to me. STB is a lot of fun!...Geddy almost sounds like the 1st album whalings in the opening line. and "sometimes I wonder" sound like he did on the 1st Rush lp!
  10. QUOTE (1-0-0-1-0-0-1 @ Sep 6 2004, 01:12 AM) "Red Barchetta" for me. "The Camera Eye" is a close second. This is me too. I love the way Neil tells storys "My uncle has a country place , no one knows about. He says it used to be a farm before the 'motor law' " The stories he tells!! This song has so much magic to it., the lyrics suck me in, and the music matches so well. I like this song ,too , because it again haulmarks the Rush segmented songs, like the earlier long ones,yet this was mor like the readers digest version...TCE is a close second as I love the scenes that the lyrics describe so well..Neil is just so good at it!
  11. QUOTE (CygnusX-1Bk2 @ Aug 24 2004, 06:26 PM) Freewill also meant a lot to me growing up. Being spirituly inclined in my formative years, this song propelled me into questioning everything put before me and not taking stock answers from anyone, especially clergy. There is more to life than we can measure or perceive and this song pointed the way for me to begin my own spiritual exploration. I have to confess that the lyrics to "Freewill" are sort of a mystery to me.(the music is awsome)..even if it is thought provoking in many respects. "I will choose Freewill" does not make sense to me. Freewill is something that we have already. How can I choose something I already have. It is sang with such triumph, but seems like no triumph at all. Everyone chooses freewill everyday. Even if you devoutly subscribe to moral codes , or principles, you can freely reject them at any moment, and that is because you have a freewill..you are never locked in once you subscribe. IF sneering lines like "A host of holy horrors to direct our aimless dance" and "you can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice" are sneering at Jesus's or Moses's teachings...well, I just cant fathom their teachings as being summarized as a "host of holy horrors"... I will choose goodwill myself...because it is good. Ill-will is bad , and freewill can choose either or neither. Goodwill is the hardest , and gravity goes with illwill. Freewill with out a fight towards good , slouches toward gravity. hmmm..i can tell that i am typing too late at night
  12. I guess it is all subjective, but everyone is reading this as "Their favorite song" , rather than "Best song"...I am guilty of this too for other albums. But....2112 is by far the best song, which I voted for. My favorite song right now is Tears. It was, and is an unlikely Rush song. It is quieter than most..relationship oriented..and it is a very lovely song...structured quite nicely.
  13. QUOTE (bardan @ Sep 6 2004, 03:19 AM) Xanadu, with AFTK coming in second. This is their second best album after Hemispheres! I concur, and mostly for sentimental reason... I just love the words to aftk., Xanadu is one of the most magical Rush songs ever, and maybe is the best on this LP. But I voted for cygnus x-1...It had me the most excited then when it came out, and ...well , now too.!!..."All who dare to cross her course!!!!!."....Who can tell me a better "Geddy whaling" than that!!??
  14. QUOTE (Jack Aubrey @ Aug 24 2004, 05:27 PM) 'In The End'. They are having fun playing this song and the sense of fun is both contagious and palpable. this was my pick too!..I am a sucker for the acoustic intros!
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