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  1. If we've been given permission to go to 15, then add: Scars The Color Of Right Superconductor
  2. Caravan The Anarchist The Main Monkey Business One Little Victory Ceiling Unlimited Peacable Kingdom How It Is Earthshine Nocturne Freeze Out Of The Cradle Secret Touch the Stars Look Down Vapor Trail
  3. A Farewell To Kings Cygnus x-1 The Trees La Villa Strangiato Freewill Jacob's Ladder Entre Nous Natural Science Red Barchetta YYZ Limelight Witch Hunt
  4. Presto Alien Shore Stick It Out Leave That Thing Alone Roll The Bones Bravado The Big Wheel Driven Animate Show Don't Tell Ghost Of A Chance Everyday Glory
  5. Finally got to this. What a great listen! Favourites on first listens: Come Alive Saving Grace Inside And Above - has a Black Country Communion vibe to my ears
  6. That instrumental is not welcome here ;) I prefer Andy's effort on 'Hot Camel' on the Circus Hero album
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