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  1. On the TFE theme The Color Of Right
  2. Great tune. The live treatment of 'Presto' on the Time Machine tour helped it overtake 'Available Light' in my eyes. Otherwise, probably my favourite on the album.
  3. Tom Sawyer (R40) I do like that guitar part in Vital Signs, though. The Trees (Snakes)
  4. Ghost Of A Chance (Snakes) Presto (Time Machine)
  5. Sorry - brain explosion! Freewill (ESL) Ghost of A Chance (Snakes)
  6. Dreamline (DS) Distant Early Warning (R40)
  7. Same for me. TMMB is the only S&A winner in a direct match-up such as this.
  8. What a coincidence. Yesterday I played the Presto CD on random. The first song to come on was Anagram. I recall thinking to myself that it is such an underrated song. Also from an underrated album. And to agree with an earlier comment, I much prefer listening to Presto than Signals!
  9. Would leave it the way it is, but if forced would drop Lock and Key and Tai Shan
  10. High Water is one of the better tracks off Hold Your Fire
  11. Natural Science Freewill The Spirit of Radio Entre Nous Jacobs Ladder Different Strings
  12. Heard TSOR recently in KMart in Batemans Bay,NSW. Couldn't believe it.
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