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  1. In my cart:


    Is it worth it for $430 at MSG? Or should I wait until Public Sale?



    Section: F

    Row: 5, Seat: 1

    Section: F

    Row: 5, Seat: 2


    Wait...you'll be able to scalp better later. Also, because these are on the floor, you don't get the advantage of being higher up than those in front of you. Plus, seats in section 108-107 or 116-117 will be cheaper and better.


    My question too, though I'm looking at the lower priced ones that are further away.

  2. Hi, does anyone know how it works as far as what tickets will actually be left at Madison Square Garden for the general on-sale next week? Or, will ANY be left?? Do we think the uppers closer to the stage will be around then, since the presale looks like it's all lowers. (What's left of them anyway...)
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