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  1. Hm. I don't know. The other problem for me is, I'd have to drive to the train if I don't want to drive to Pru.

    So it turns into a huge thing that takes way longer than it should, as opposed to the city which is either just drive in or take the ferry. I may end up with no choice though, but we'll see. But thanks for telling me that!

  2. LOL, well thanks. Yeah, I've been checking the resales, I may have to go that route eventually, but trying to avoid it if at all possible! There's still time, I'm hoping maybe some will get released closer to the date, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I have no problem going alone, but I just want a good seat!!
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  3. Ok, so I'm kicking myself for not splurging and getting a silver or gold seat when the VIP sale was on for Madison Square Garden NYC, 6/29. Too much overthinking, ack. :eyeroll: At this point I'm loathe to get a resale ticket based on the prices I'm seeing on Ticketmaster, so if anyone has an extra to sell me...


    And yeah, this beggar is being a chooser, because I really want to get a GOOD seat, so I'm looking at 108, 116. Or maybe 109 or 115 if they're on the ends closer to 108 and 115.


    (Prudential has some good side of stage seats but honestly I don't want to go there by myself.)


    Anyway, I'm just throwing it out there, cuz you never know. I was hoping to win my church's 50/50 this past weekend (seriously) and then this would've been a lot easier, but so far I haven't gotten the call! :D

  4. Eh, NYC people would probably disagree, a lot easier for them without cars to stay in the city than to take the train to Newark. At any rate, Garden is looking close to sold out, does anyone think they'll add another on 6/28? (I know we're not pyschics, just asking for educated opinions!)
  5. IIRC...you CAN get in to GET the tickets, but you have to use a Citibank card to actually make the purchase. I seem to remember trying for another tour a few years ago, and I got to a certain point and then "SORRY!!! YOU NEED A CITIBANK CARD!!"


    It's called the "Citibank" presale, that didn't tip you off that you needed one of their cards to do it ;)

    Hey, we're desperate and looking for loopholes!!

  6. In my cart:


    Is it worth it for $430 at MSG? Or should I wait until Public Sale?



    Section: F

    Row: 5, Seat: 1

    Section: F

    Row: 5, Seat: 2


    Wait...you'll be able to scalp better later. Also, because these are on the floor, you don't get the advantage of being higher up than those in front of you. Plus, seats in section 108-107 or 116-117 will be cheaper and better.


    My question too, though I'm looking at the lower priced ones that are further away.

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