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  1. 13 hours ago, grep said:

    I am sorry,


    IDK what you do, but the market looks good in a lot of sectors. It's coming back  I hope you find something quick.

    If you ever want to talk resumes or whatever, hit me up. Always happy to help a Rush Peep.

    Thank you. I’m a creative services project manager. I work on direct mail and print collateral pieces and the entire process of getting them written designed and printed. Schedules, budgets back-and-forth with clients creatives and vendors.
    The challenge for me is that there is usually only one or maybe two in most companies, if at all, and with all the people in the big companies who have been laid off lately, they’re all going to be searching.

    working on updating my résumé, thanks for the offer.

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  2. oh thank you friends! Yes, I think it was a big anniversary day for a lot of us, right? Because that was right when they announced R40...I only wish I had found you all years before when they were touring all the time! But better late than never. And I'm so glad that at least some of us are still here to chat!!!



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  3. 13 hours ago, blueschica said:

    Our local news found a clip of CSNY playing Cinnamon Girl, which isn't really identified with Crosby much either?? Maybe younger folks did it? :biggrin:

    that's just dumb and annoying. Research is apparently quite underrated in the news biz, in everyone's rush to get stories on the air.

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  4. My dad always played Deja Vu when I was growing up. One of our favorites was Our House. I've been a fan of CSNY and all iterations my whole life. So sad!


    But, let's face it, all the classics, so many in their late 70s, 80s, ...dying.


    Yet Keith Richards, which is what is what I post on my Facebook every single time...*shaking head.

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  5. Oh, so. Yes. The first set was just YYNOT. The second set was when they brought out all the guest artists.

    The highlight for me was Jonathan Dinklage playing on Losing It.

    I saw Kevin Anderson in the lobby. Brandon Dyke was there and we follow each other on Instagram but I never met him. We randomly met out on the street and he's a really nice guy.

    John Wesley played guitar on Limelight and Tom Sawyer was fantastic. Seven Antonopoulos played Closer to the heart and Free will and he was really good too.

    Then Mike Portnoy played on 2112 Overture and Syrinx and then La Villa and of course he was a monster.

    Then a couple of them stayed after and signed autographs and stuff. unfortunately not Dinklage, Portnoy or Wesley but the other guys did.

    No lines for the ladies room, LOL.



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  6. so I'd been eyeing going to Metallica at Met Life but didn't want to commit to both nights because, I just didn't want to go to both nights, PLUS you have to sell them as both nights, too. But now single nights are going on sale on Monday (for fan club), so I'm going to check that out.

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