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  1. On 11/1/2019 at 11:31 AM, Rod in Toronto said:

    Finally listened. GREAT song!!! They made a video for it too...I don't recall ever seeing George Lynch with a doubleneck guitar:



    So he is playing at a club in NJ tonight and was just at our School of Rock, the owner knows him somehow. He played for about an hour including Dirty Shirley and then took questions and stuff. it was pretty low-key and pretty cool.

    And today is his 69th birthday.

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  2. The next Bubba Bash was announced for Jan 6, 2024, at the Keswick Theater, same place as this year. Got my ticket already! I'm generally NOT a fan of cover bands, or tribute bands, or anyone playing someone else's stuff, but for this I make an exception because it's for a good cause. And it's great to be in a theater full of Rush fans one more time, too. AND seeing all the guest musicians last year was really cool, not to mention his pal Michael Mosbach.

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  3. OK, not to sound all elitist about this but do you not understand that this is a chance to listen to Geddy just sit and talk about his experiences with the boys? That's not worth any kind of money to you? You really want  hear him sing again after the way he sounded at the end of the tours?

    these are going to sell out.

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  4. Our theme for our next School of Rock show is the 90s, not my favorite genre. BUT I'm playing bass on In Bloom which is really fun. And then rhythm guitar on What's Up (4 Non Blonds), which I know, I know, is totally repetitive, but I just like it. And then the usual - Blur, Blink 182, Weezermash (Sweater/Bev Hills), I Alone on guitar (another fun one), some other stuff.

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