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  1. 2 hours ago, snowdog2112 said:

    This is not entirely the same, but I was fortunate enough to see Rush live 44 times among the countless big arena rock shows I saw by tons of bands, and one show in particular, almost positive it was in San Antonio, was so frustrating because the guy behind me yelled "Tom Sawyer!!!! Tom Sawyer!!!!" between every song throughout the show for almost three hours. As each song was winding down he would start yelling that in my ear and it took all the patience I had not to turn around and yell "What in the world is wrong with you????!!" :laugh:


    So many thoughts...  Did this guy really buy a ticket and pay for expensive parking and fight traffic and such just to hear one song? Did he really think that they weren't going to play it if he didn't yell for it? Did he really think that Geddy would hear him at some point early in the show and spontaneously decide to change the setlist order on the fly to accommodate this guy? 


    People are weird.







    Grendel, lol.

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  2. 6 hours ago, zepphead said:

    Was there any sort of merchandise for sale at the event? (Probably not the sort of event for that but ya never know!)

    Yes, a bunch of things, but i didn’t take pix...my bad. A poster, a shirt, i think a hoodie? If you're on fb or insta, i think the girl from Rushcon took a pic of merch.

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  3. Our host was Paul Rudd, they seemed very comfortable together. 

    And i met Jonathan Dinklage at the Rushcon pregame and he was super nice.  I mentioned going to this year's Bubba Bash and that I'm going to the next one in January and he had he has a surprise. I said what is it and he said I'm not going to tell you! 🙂

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