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  1. In chronological order: A Farewell to Kings Vital Signs Digital Man Losing It Afterimage Manhattan Project Presto Red Tide Nobody's Hero Wish Them Well I'd say most of these rank as top-tier songs in my opinion, but just don't really seem to resonate all that well with others from what I've noticed.
  2. Hello, everyone! My name is Squeaky, and I have decided that it's finally time for me to come out of lurking. I feel that I've spent enough time merely perusing the forum, so now I plan on contributing. I've been a fan of Rush for... not long enough: I've only really known about their music for about three years now, but I'm not old so I guess that's somewhat excusable. Anyway, I look forward to conversing with you all! This seems like a really weak introductory post but oh well. :outtahere:
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