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  1. Looking at buying a couple shirts from the winter clearance sale. Anybody who bought the raglan long sleeve shirt, does it run true to size? Did it shrink? Wife is wanting one, but not sure what size to get.
  2. Yes. I sent in 2 identical photos, one for me and one for my brother. Gave them the name for each, but only 1 came back signed. They were kind enough to return both photos.
  3. The Vegas venue is a tricky one. If you're too far back on the floor it kind of sucks because it's not a graduated floor. If I can't be in the first 5 rows or so, I like to be up in one of the first side sections off the floor like Sec. 16 or 17. That's what I ended up with through the fan presale. It's where I last for the 2010 Time Machine tour show and it was killer. I'd also suggest checking with the box office day of the show as they may release unclaimed seats they reserved for their high roller players.
  4. I sent in two of the same photo I posted together, one for me and one for my brother. Only 1 came back signed (thankfully w/ my name). I'm told it's ill advised to send in more than 1 item. Divide multiple items up over multiple venues.P Yeah, it was my first time submitting anything and I didn't know multiple items was a bit of a no-no. I had submitted 2 of the same photo because my brother and I were both visible in the front row, so I thought it'd be cool to surprise him with a signed, framed, copy of the pic. Wasn't trying to get greedy or resell anything for a gain. Was nice that I did receive both of them back even if only just 1 of them was signed. They could have easily discarded the extra one.
  5. I sent in two of the same photo I posted together, one for me and one for my brother. Only 1 came back signed (thankfully w/ my name). I'm told it's ill advised to send in more than 1 item.
  6. http://www.therushforum.com/index.php?/topic/76954-autographs/page__st__120#entry2771315 This what you're looking for?
  7. FYI, there are pairs of floor seats in Sec. D & E popping up now.
  8. I sat in sec. 17 at MGM in 2010 and they were great seats. Sure you aren't going to make that 2 second eye contact with any of the band members, but it was an incredible view of Neil playing. That's why I jumped on taking them again when they came up today.
  9. Pulled Floor D, Row 14 the first time. Went back and got Sec. 17, Row V. took those. I'd rather be slightly up off the floor than further back down ON the floor since it's not sloped.
  10. Couldn't get 2 for Chicago the instant it became available for Citi presale. Only thing it'd pull was 1 in sec. 309. "Membership doesn't have it's privileges" should be their motto.
  11. http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a120/therm316/IMG_1803.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a120/therm316/IMG_1802.jpg My 8x10 I got back from the Indy show. It's from the 2008 tour. I'm in the front row, just to the left of Neil's head, in the gray shirt.
  12. exact a little revenge on musictoday and when your stuff arrives, just call and tell them something was missing. I've done it a few times. They'll usually send you another for free. MusicToday is the most poorly run company I've ever dealt with. When you call them, it usually sounds like a group of people sitting around an apartment taking orders, kind of like the guys in Half-Baked. I use to order DMB stuff from them. Posters would come damaged because for $13 they'd ship it in a flimsy cardboard triangle tube that had 0% chance of making it to it's destination intact. And that's if they even sent you the right poster. Their shipping charges were outrageous. They'd have a $5 t-shirt sale on Cinco De Mayo, and then shipping on a single shirt would be $8-9.
  13. QUOTE (jasonw2112 @ Sep 24 2012, 04:45 PM) I sent an 8x10 photo to the the Columbus show, about 5 days in advance. It shows it was recieved in about a day. However I have not recieved it back yet, so maybe it's a case of snail mail! I live about 50 miles from Columbus, it should have showed up by now.... I didn't get my 8x10 back for almost 10 days after the show. I'd all but given up on it, but I'm thinking they may have taken it with them, signed it, and mailed it from a show or two after the one we were at. So don't give up hope.
  14. QUOTE (GotPeart @ Sep 24 2012, 10:55 AM) For those that sent items in for autographs - how far in advance of the show did you send those in? I sent mine on a Monday for a show on Thursday of the same week. I live 15 miles or so from the venue, so I knew it wouldn't take more than a day to reach the venue. I think the key is sending it to get their the day before the show so that the staff of the facility has time to deal with it rather than day of the show. And not to send it so early that it gets misplaced, forgotten, or lost altogether.
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