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    Yeah, it's the naked dude... but he looking at the well dressed business man. Battle of the heart and the mind upon the hemispheres.


    Fly by night. 

    Farewell to kings

    Permanent waves

    Moving pictures 


    Perhaps rush and Hugh Syme were peaking at the same time?





    Honorable mention to All the world's a stage. Simple but indicative of its contents...

  2. 27 minutes ago, goose said:

    Over the years I've come to appreciate John Paul Jones' keyboard contributions to Zeppelin and so put him their class as well.


    On that note I'll put his intro to Your Time Is Gonna Come out there as an all time great.

    Yeah, it is great .  carouselambra is another fantastic keyboard intro.

  3. Space intro- fly like an eagle by Steve Miller


    1984 to jump by Van Halen


    Not sure if they count as they are two songs but serve as intros?


    How's about


    Your time is gonna come by led zep


    Planet Claire by the B52s

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  4. 30 minutes ago, Timbale said:

    Oh man, Omar playing with those guys was SO damn cool!  I love that he didn't sound like some Rush tribute drummer, he sounded like his bada** self!  


    And I don't care if it wasn't too close to the actual intro...having someone actually play the synth at the start of 2112 was a big smile!

    I liked the 2112 intro. Modern and got the point. Then Alex starts ripping it. To me they were shooting for an ATWAS vibe...


    Could not be happier with the setlist. Old school.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, cygnify said:

    Yes, Foos are at the end.  I can't find the picture and can't upload here - but the schedule was:


    (UK times)

    5:25 pm Wolfgang VH

    5:40 Jeff Buckley Tribute

    5:50 Supergrass

    6:05 Crooked Vultures

    6:25 Pretenders

    6:35 James Gang

    6:50 Violet Grohl and Mark Ronson

    7:00 Brian Johnson and Lars Ulrich

    7:10 Stewart Copeland

    7:25 RUSH

    7:45 QUeen

    8:10 FOO Fighters

    10:30 Strict Curfew and load out


    Thank you!!!


    Interesting that they are listed as rush?

  6. Not really a fan but he is a very talented young man. I saw him open for umphreys Mcgee around 3 to 5 years ago?? 

    Anyways, great player and vocalist.  Good stuff. He kinda reminds me of a younger Warren haynes.

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  7. We will see what they play.

    I fail to comprehend how musicians who Taylor loved playing a song he loved in his memory could be in bad taste. 



    Most charity all star tributes includes songs made famous by the guests. And hopefully extended jams.

    I will be shocked if all they play is the foos.


    Then again,  my interest has diminished greatly. A large part of the appeal of this show was to see ged and Alex play for the first time. Glad they jammed with primus first!

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