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  1. The 40 somethings - this is our era. Our time. Why as teenagers while classmates wre "rocking" to Slayer and other hair bands - we feel in love with Rush!!!!!
  2. I'm so rocking out to the songs as they are listed. My dog just doesnt understand me....
  3. Love Alex's choo-choo in this song!!!!!!! (dont know how else to describe it)
  4. I see the middle kingdom between heaven and earth
  5. This iss the setlist I grew up with!!!!!!!!!!! First concert GUP, then PW, HYF, Presto, & RTB. HAvent been to been to one since!!!
  6. Safe to say - we have no effing idea what is next!!!!!!!!!!
  7. QUOTE Anyone else listening to the songs as they're being posted? MEEE!!!!
  8. Ive been playing Losing It religiously all week to and from work.
  9. I meant all at once....Oh I need the list - tonight. Just prefer it song by song
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