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  1. The 40 somethings - this is our era. Our time. Why as teenagers while classmates wre "rocking" to Slayer and other hair bands - we feel in love with Rush!!!!!
  2. I'm so rocking out to the songs as they are listed. My dog just doesnt understand me....
  3. Love Alex's choo-choo in this song!!!!!!! (dont know how else to describe it)
  4. I see the middle kingdom between heaven and earth
  5. This iss the setlist I grew up with!!!!!!!!!!! First concert GUP, then PW, HYF, Presto, & RTB. HAvent been to been to one since!!!
  6. Safe to say - we have no effing idea what is next!!!!!!!!!!
  7. QUOTE Anyone else listening to the songs as they're being posted? MEEE!!!!
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