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    Playing drums, Listening to Rush, Girls, Learning, Listening, Watching, Reflecting

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    Everything do to with Rush especially here in OZland meeting more and more people that are into Rush. Sadly being in Oz, i pray for them to tour here
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    Dream Theater, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue
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  1. YES!!! Got my copy yesterday from JB hifi and the staff i dealt with there were very enthusiastic about the album when i purchased mine. Great artwork and booklet and package I bought 5 copies for now
  2. Regarding the 'time' on the cover, it is what we all think it to be. The reference was also used by Hugh Syme last year on the Dream Theater album A Dramatic Turn Of Events as symbolised by the angles of the ropes on the front cover! If you superimpose a clock face surrounding the Dream Theater cover you will see that the ropes are angled at exactly 12 past 9! I simply emailed Hugh last year about the 12 past 9 reference and he agreed it to be true!
  3. Thanks for all the Rush fans that are promoting the need for a Rush Austraian Tour this time round! Its funny that in Melbourne, the biggest most followed radio station 3AW plays the start of Rush's 'Beneath, Between & Behind' as an intro to a segment every morning which like 1 million people hear! I love listening to it every morning i can Hope Rush come down under, it will be such a huge moment for not only the fans but for them also!
  4. YAY! Me too ive had that dream about alot of bands and touring Melbourne and they have all come true, now im hoping the universe hears our desires and makes it come true for RUSH!! I too think that it is now or never for them to come to OZ! I know that like the Dream Theater fans will go to see Rush and fans of metal and alot of musicians would go to a Rush concert here, if not im so going to have to make my way to the U.S to see them. Rush at Rod Laver OMG would be the best!
  5. I really hope that i will wake up oneday and read or hear that Rush will be coming to Oz! Now with Roadrunner Records/Warner i hope there will be a better chance of them touring here. I do think they can sell and play at a decent venue here as many artists that are obscure do down here and i just hope that Rush is in a very good position to do that. Damn sucks living so far away from the rest of the world especially being a huge Rush head!
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