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  1. On 8/2/2022 at 5:09 AM, goose said:

    A truncated CA would have a shot at my top ten.  In its entirety, nope.

    They wrote the half of the album that was great before going on tour then the other half that was kind of sub-standard after the tour, as if taking a break and going on tour had sucked all the creative zip outa them


    Could've been their very best in entirety but as you say, unusually falls short for this band


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  2. That guitar entrance to Look Inside


    Alex Lifeson of Rush




    After this first attempt they really need to pull out another album sooner rather than later to seal it


    Great stuff

  3. struggling with about half of the album but the other half is fantastic, where Al was born to evolve into, Enemy, Look Inside, Liar, Never Said I love You, have a few drinks you'll see why they so cool, western sunset a lovely tribute to neil

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  4. The guys coulda done a tour not performing as Rush but performing Rush music with guest percussionists, woulda been great nothing too heavy or expected, more like a party or celebration while Al and Ged could still do their thing together, can't see the problem they'd make a fortune the fans happy and everybody has a great time, just get it on
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