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Local bands influenced by Rush

Stan Getz

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Still fully in post R40 depression, doubly so as I could only make one show (Newark) this tour, always managed two shows each tour since R30. Also twinged with a bit of sadness for although I'm fully in the camp that the guys have more than earned their "retirement" if that's what is truly unfolding, looking forward to new :rush: music and tours has been something I've really looked forward to for almost 40 years.


I've long been an advocate for the local music scene, whether you're in NYC, LA, or just some podunk town like where I live there's always good live music out there to be enjoyed.


Last fall almost by chance I found a local 3 piece jam band by the unlikely name of "Raibred", all young guys, as i just out of high school young. Intrigued because there are not many 3 piece bands out there I had to check them out...my God they are all exceptional musicians. They credit Rush as one of their prime inspirations, and although they play a wide variety of styles the Rush influence comes through in their sheer musicianship and enthusiasm when playing.


I've seen them about 10 times now and recently caught there 100th show where they did an entire set of original tunes, and they were really damn good songs. I just kept thinking this must have been what it was like seeing Rush in very early days! Then they go an knock it out of the park with this announcement for a gig upcoming in October"


"We've decided to do an entire set of RUSH in addition to 2 other mixed sets. RUSH has been a huge influence on all three of us since before we even played together which is why we feel it is appropriate to play a set of their music. This will include all eras of their music from the original self titled album to the latest release of Clockwork Angels"


Man, how lucky am I to have such a cool band playing locally - I wish these guys great success in the future!


Anyone on here have any similar stories of local bands influenced by Rush?

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oh, we did have one band around here that called themselves "prog" but they were more of the coheed/mars volta variety and none of the members liked rush. I did get their singer to give them a chance at least, but all he liked was 2112
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Don't remember the name of the band but at the gtg before the Tampa show the bar we hit had a 4 piece that had 3 members formerly of a rush tribute band. Among priest, ozzy, etc type songs they played several rush songs and were a hit with the crowd.
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