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guess we better load up


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i'm sure many of you have it together. you are ready for the 4th. i applaud you.


now i just got motivated (living a free life, getting motivated can be such a chore).


guess i'll get a few quality beers. i love the 4th out here in long beach because when you walk along the cement walkway down the beach, it's like WWIV on either side of the sidewalk. it's even dangerous so it sounds like fun


there's an interesting mix of culture here too (CAMBODIAN, MEXICAN, GAY, REDNECK), but it's the mexican contingent who knows how to celebrate the 4th. i'd like to see an interview and her people's explanations of the 4th



ok see you in the beer threads



and can someone pull up the food thread? thanx


who's doing what?


what do CANADIENS do?

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