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Just promoting a friend's music

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This is not music for Rush fans! It is just folksy stuff with some kinda love song lyrics, but they are deeper than your regular love songs tongue.gif

The music is repetitive and is not really professionally recorded, but still has a dreamy quality, although it is somewhat repetitive.


This girl, Hanna Gregory, will also provide wordless vocals for my band's music, and we're expecting our album out soon, a bit after our first gig September 8th.


Anyways, please listen to Hanna. Her voice is unique and amazing.


All My Life is a song where she provides some really heartfelt emotional vocals, and Murderers is another one where she provides some powerful vocals for someone just 15 years old. Oh Sailor is inspired by The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, and has a dreamy quality to it. Let her know what you think by commenting on her soundcloud! Thanks!


Also, she's part Irish, making her badass!

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