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cooking lobster


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being in the south I have generally grilled lobster with pretty good results. Don;t do it too often but sometimes it gets over cooked and winds up on the tough side.


When it comes to boiling or steaming lobster, tried that too but my experience has been this: Tail coils up and the little 'swimmers" on the underside of the tail and the 'crossmembers are a bitch to remove when it finally gets to the table.


Does anyone have any tips for a) keeping the tail straight (how do restarants seem to do it) and cool.gif getting the damn thing apart?



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Boiling is good, but don't Hard boil it. Just bring the water to a boil, put in lobster, then reduce heat to a slow simmer. You want to poach it as opposed to boiling it.

To keep the tails straight, either run a wooden skewer all the way thru the tail and body, or you can tie a steel butter knife on the tail to keep it straight. Skewer works best.


#1 rule in cooking: Season more...cook less.

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I personally think grilling is the worst thing you can do to a lobster. Boiling or steaming is great as long as the lobster is in the shell.


This is the best way:


I like to take kitchen scissors and cut two long incisions thru the tail shell----imagine if a cross section of the tail with 6 being directly the bottom, my cuts are made at approximately 3 and 9 o'clock. This enables you to then pry off the entire top half of the shell of the raw tail using just your fingers. Then I loosen up the entire bottom of the tail meat from the bottom half of the shell using my fingers. I then lay the lobster tail back into place into the bottom one half of the lobster tail shell (it kinda looks like a huge fat bratwurst in a too small of a hot dog roll, if you can get my drift). This enables cooking within the bottom part of the shell which keeps in moistness and looks attractive...


I then make a crabmeat stuffing which is from:


3 egg whites

1 large can (or 2 small cans) blue crab meat

2/3 cup bread crumbs

3 heaping tbsp mayo

1 tbsp honey mustard

3 dashes hot sauce

dash Worchestershire sauce

VERY finely chopped onion, green pepper and red pepper each approximately 1/4 cup


I take a handful of the well mixed stuffing out and form it into what looks like a long elliptical cookie and I lay it over the lobster tail


Brush tops with melted butter


Then BAKE at 325 for 30 minutes


Use leftover crab mix for small crab cake appetizers


Serve with lots of salted clarified butter...

Write back to me and thank me....You will have your friends, spouse/partner, whomever, at your beckon call for days to come after feeding them this...




Bon Appetit!


Edited to add, this works best with huge Australian or Jumbo Maine lobster tails...For smaller tails, shorten the bake time and decrease the size of the amount of stuffing you place on the tails.


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