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Shame Pittsburgh was not filmed


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Deadest crowd? Really? I have been reading about not one but several shows where people are quiet and sitting for tha majority of the show...1st half especially...simply was not the case at all in Pittsburgh. People standing for the whole show from what I saw.


Detroit...Oh now I get it...Red Wings and Penguins...right?


Should have figured. wink.gif

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QUOTE (the masked drummer @ Sep 21 2010, 10:49 AM)
QUOTE (PennSt8r @ Sep 17 2010, 10:22 AM)
QUOTE (druid13 @ Sep 17 2010, 09:55 AM)
I have seen every tour since Signals and that was defintely overall the best show they have done here...or in Burgettstown.

Really liked seeing Rush play 'tight" but also grooving with a looseness and a musical sense maybe they did not have in their younger years. They have this material so well oiled they were fooling with time and parts and it was damn refreshing to see that. To me see ing exact reproduction is not my cup of tea....seeing musical development and growth from these tunes is...and that is what RUSH did last night. I can think of at least two tunes that really came alive in comparison to their studio counterparts and...one song from that album of the same title (no spoilers) that was really nice to hear again.

No technical problems other than a BD mike which was fixed at halftime...crowd was great....STOOD ENTIRE SHOW...unlike what I am reading about some other snoozier areas of the country. Pittsburgh and RUSH had a great night last night....should have filmed it man. Really should have.

Totally agree. Thought Ged's mic was a little loud, but other than that the show was great. Also the video at the end was so loud you could almost not make out what they were saying. Minor complaints in an otherwise tight show.

I've seen 30 shows since Signals and this was the deadest crowd I've ever seen before. I guess Detroit audiences are more enthusiastic for some reason. Saw them in Chicago on R30 and the crowd went insane just like Detroit, though. Hmmm...

Have to totally disagree. Fans were pretty much into it all night, except for the 4th song in set 1. That song just didn't not work. Not sure what crown you were watching, but people were standing the whole time.

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