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Going Better !

Saint NIck

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As we all know Neil's words from Open Secrets "...time will do its healing..."; it's working in my life.

What a difference from just over a month ago. Be that as it may I've been praying, and it must be working. The friend I wrote about has her boyfriend back in her life; she's happy. With that, she & I have texted, talked, had dinner & hung out. I'm not gonna mess things up. I know for this to work, I'm gonna proceed with cautious optimism; not gonna cross the line.

Actually, I've been feeling really good; just knowing I have her friendship; I know she cares about me as a friend; NOT HER LOVE INTEREST; I'm good with that.

In less than 48 hours, I'll turn 50; I have the love & care of family & friends, my house, my truck, my job, my Catholic Faith & my favorite music of RUSH; which brings us together.

Thanks for your time & take care.!

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