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Found 3 results

  1. http://i341.photobucket.com/albums/o371/x1yyz/YBG%20TM_zpsbyx6q6ct.jpg By Yerbel Flint Yukon Blade Grinder Janitor Senior Editor The staff looks around at an office in shambles, an office that hobbles along without direction, without purpose. How long can we go on this way? How long until something breaks? Tensions are running high as we all wonder how we could have been abandoned this way. My name is Yerbel Flint and until recently I was the janitor here at the Yukon Blade Grinder editorial headquarters. The YBG was a wonderful place to work, surrounded by the best writers in the music press. Our holiday parties were fantastic, and you wouldn't believe some of the celebrities who climbed atop the copy machine to Xerox their bottoms, but I digress; this article is not about the parties, it is about the loss of our beloved editor-in-chief, Tombstone Mountain. Without him the YBG has lost its magic. Tombstone Mountain, often simply referred to as "TM" around the office, was last seen by the YBG staff in Los Angeles on August 2, the day after Rush's legendary final concert at The Forum. He was in high spirits and spoke of big plans for his publication. On August 9 he published a review of that show. The cover of that issue showed the three band members walking off into the distance, but who knew that was foreshadowing TM's own southward journey on to lose himself in Xanadu? This isn't to say TM disappeared without a trace. He continues to occasionally post to the online music message board The Rush Forum. Fergle has reason to believe TM had stopped by the office on various weekends as piles of old newspapers had been arranged to form a bed. And TM's good friend Greyfriar has heard strange reports of a dark figure playing disc golf in the Black Forest on foggy nights. No one knows where TM has gone or when he will be back. Reporters at the YBG office still await his return. Editors of rival publications have publicly cast doubts as to whether the Yukon Blade Grinder can stay afloat without a captain, saying our ship isn't coming and we just can't pretend. If you see our captain, please send him home.
  2. So as you can see, when I registered in TRF I wasn´t exactly creative - I didn´t know you could actually make up a cool name, so I just went with my actual one. Is it possible to change it now, and if that´s the case, what would you suggest I change it to?
  3. It's a way of looking at that wave and saying, "Hey bud, let's party!" http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-5elc2c_9WXQ/T9-P-_F23nI/AAAAAAAATys/m-o4FetTXvM/s1600/spicoli-fast-times-ridgemont-high-surf-no-dice.jpg
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