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Found 5 results

  1. So welcome to TRF's very own official jazz thread. As I am using this summer to practice my jazz playing so I can hopefully make jazz band next year, I thought it would be a cool idea to have a place to discuss this wonderful music in as little or as much detail as is wanted. To start things off, I've been listening to Maynard Ferguson's MF Horn 4 & 5 (Live At Jimmy's) today. Awesome stuff! Love the amount of alto on this thing as well, and I even found a cool interview with the alto player from a few years later. Anyone else love this record? Have any recommendations for similar records/players? Here's that interview: https://www.nationaljazzarchive.co.uk/stories?id=5
  2. So I've got a few jazz fusion albums and a bit of personal news that has made me start to dig into them. I'm being moved up in my university's top jazz band from bari sax to lead alto for one semester, as the current lead player is going to study abroad next semester. I'm very excited, and a bit nervousness, and that mix has led me to want to listen to more jazz. Welp, I went to dip my toe in and it landed in the fusion pond and now I want to know all about it. What are some of your favorite fusion artists and records? I currently have these few: Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds Of Fire Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy Weather Report - Heavy Weather Alan Holdsworth - Sand Pat Metheny Group - s/t currently listening to Birds Of Fire and loving it!
  3. Where we discuss jam band and jazz and any other far out music of the spheres. Any moe. fans in the theater tonight?
  4. "My Sunday Feeling", as Ian Anderson would have it. Do you ever get one of those sunday morning when you got stuff to do but want to take it easy and relax? In my (ridicously small) jazz collection, no album is better for the task than "In a Minor Groove" by Dorothy Ashby. Any other fans?
  5. There's an album I'm thinking of, the music, the atmosphere, the vibe, the cover artwork, all seems to be have been created by aliens or for aliens or describes aliens and their weird alien planet? I'll reveal mine later. What's yours?
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