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Found 3 results

  1. I would've tried to enlist someone from AIC just to round things out, but it's a cool enough idea. https://www.iheart.c...ly Alternative Sampling the first couple tracks. Track one is an acoustic ballad, which I guess makes some amount of sense given this is Cameron and Thayil's first album together since Chris Cornell passed away, to kind of give that tragedy some breathing room. Track 2 is pretty groovy 90s alt rock, with very good sounding guitars from what I can tell on my laptop speakers.
  2. the big four thrash albums take on the big four grunge albums, excuse me if I have them a little off in your opinion, but from my understanding these are THE BIG FOUR of each.
  3. So I first started listening to Soundgarden and Chris Cornell last school year when I started college and bought Superunknown on a whim. I knew Black Hole Sun, and that was about it. I didn't really get most of the record at first, but I kept listening, and eventually, especially after I started getting into metal later in the year, it was really effective in helping get through some depressing moments. It's safe to say that Superunknown really helped me keep some of my sanity as I struggled with some issues that were making it difficult for me to pass my classes. So then May came, and after I'd just finished going on a domestic tour with my school's concert band and was prepping to play at commencement, the tragic news about Chris came. I felt like I owed a good bit of my resilience that past semester to Soundgarden's music and his songs and lyrics, and I was dumbfounded and heartbroken, as we all were. I then bought Audioslave's debut, as I'd never listened to them before, and started listening to other Soundgarden songs, all pretty much from Badmotorfinger. There was a line in one of the songs on Audioslave, Cochise, that goes: "I'm not a martyr I'm not a prophet And I won't preach to you But here's a caution You better understand That I won't hold your hand But if it helps you mend Then I won't stop it Go on and save yourself And take it out on me" Hearing that for the first time, knowing I was listening to it now because of Cornell's passing, and having used his music to help me through the last semester, that was like a gut punch. But ever since, Cornell has become probably close to my favorite singer of the past 20/30 years, and one of my favorites of all time. Soundgarden quickly became my favorite grunge band (not hard since I really had only enjoyed Pearl Jam before, and not much else), and eventually I finally picked up Badmotorfinger a couple months ago. So here's an official thread to discuss anything relating to Soundgarden, possibly my favorite 90s band (who else is there? Oasis, Radiohead, the Chili Peppers, and not really a ton else. Love those bands as well). Oh, and there's a poll for you because I like polls. :P
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