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Found 10 results

  1. Hm, plenty of people can't stand Journey and plenty of people can't stand Bryan Adams, and this is not the best album from either of them, though they both fall within their classic periods. Who do you prefer?
  2. I have good memories of Kintisugi but that doesn't save it from being one of my lesser favorite Death Cab albums. On the other hand, I have good memories of Captured, and those memories are a big part of the reason why I love it more than many Journey studio albums (the main memory here is it being one of the first records I ever sat on a turntable and listened to at a friend's house). As for bands.... I like Death Cab a lot, but I probably like Journey a handful more.
  3. I generally consider these four bands to be the biggest titans of late 70s early 80s AOR. Toto, Boston, and Survivor are great contenders as well, but they had much different career trajectories in their heyday. The interesting thing about these four bands to me is they all had rather similar careers from about 76/78 through the mid-late 80s. They all flourished commercially in the wake of Boston's debut and helped pioneer the AOR sound. They subsequently all became massive superstars in 1980/1981 with the release of their commercial juggernaut (Hi InFidelity, Paradise Theater, Escape, and 4). Then they all eventually cracked under the pressure of fame and following up that massive success, leading to the departure of one half of each band's creative core after a less than stellar album release (Tommy Shaw from Styx, Steve Perry from Journey, Gary Richrath from REO Speedwagon, and Lou Gramm from Foreigner). So how do you answer the poll questions? I'm going to give those REO and Foreigner albums a listen today as they seem to have sold and been remembered so poorly I've never once seen them in a used record bin, which means I don't yet own them!
  4. One for those in the know versus another for anyone with two ears and a radio.
  5. Well if this isn't battle of the classic rock radio staples! Journey vs. Johnny. Hoosier heartland rock vs. CaliforniAOR. Who reigns supreme?
  6. I'm gonna say I'm probably a bigger fan of Journey than The Cars, but Heartbeat City blows Raised On Radio out of the water.
  7. The midwest vs. the west coast 1980 vs. 1981. Which monster hit machine radio conquerer is superior? For my money, Journey were usually better with Greg Rollie in the band. REO are firing on all cylinders here and it's been a long long time coming for them. You should have seen from the look in my eyes, there was something missing...
  8. These four bands all commercially peaked right around the same time and their collective sound dominated charts and airwaves during that time. Their many hits are classics, their rise to fame memorable at least, but even more telling of their similarity are their catastrophic falls in the mid to late eighties. Though each band's story is different, not one of them managed to make it out of the decade unscathed, and some faced greater semi-breakups than others. Seemingly over night each band fell in to that shamed category of popularity known as "has-been" or "washed-up," though modern incarnations and tours have proved very successful to their old fans. Like it or not, these bands share an important chapter of rock and roll history, but which one really made the best impact? That's up to you. Which of these old giants was/is your favorite and why? Post below and add to the poll above! :)
  9. Which of these mega-blockbuster AOR peak albums from 1980-1981 do you love the most? And why?
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