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  1. :cheers: Happy 7th Anniversary, stoopid !! :cheers: Cheers to 7 years on TRF and to your music with the Sloppy Foot Cowboys- I enjoy it! I apologize for not getting this up yesterday!
  2. :cheers: Happy 6th Anniversary, pjbear! :cheers: Best wishes to one of TRF's great guys! cheers to your six years and many more!
  3. :cheers: Happy 12th Anniversary, goose !! :cheers: Cheers to the guy who is an awesome goose in real life- I think you have met more TRFers than anyone! Here's to many more years- it's great having you here!
  4. :cheers: Happy Anniversary, The Cat 3 !! :cheers: We are lucky to have had such a great member for the last 11 years ! Best wishes to a guy with great taste in music and even better posts! Cheers to 11 years and more to come!
  5. blueschica


    nm- see Cat's thread!
  6. :cheers: Happy 8th anniversary, invisible airwave !! :cheers: Congratulations on your 8 years with TRF! I always like seeing your movie recommendations!
  7. :cheers: Happy 10th Anniversary, RushFanForever !! :cheers: Cheers to the guy who keeps a close eye on all things Rush and Canadian! Thank you for all of your updates! ( When YOU say that Rush is reuniting, then I will believe it! )
  8. :cheers: Happy 9th Anniversary, Maverick ! :cheers: Cheers to your 9 years !! (and it's only 31 days until spring training begins!)
  9. :cheers: Happy 13th Anniversary, furie !! :cheers: Wow! That's a long time! Congratulations- we are lucky to have you !!
  10. :cheers: Happy 4th Anniversary, Digital Dad !! :cheers: Cheers to your 4 years and many more! I always enjoy seeing your posts and your knowledge of music!
  11. :cheers: Happy 13th Anniversary, Tick !! :cheers: Best wishes to the mighty Tick- a guy withe a great voice and even greater sense of humor!! 13 years is awesome! Congrats !!
  12. :cheers: Happy 4th Anniversary, HemiBeers !! :cheers: Cheers to a great guy with a very clever sense of humor! Here's to your 4 years and many more!
  13. :cheers: :cheers: Happy 2nd Anniversary, Texas King! :cheers: :cheers: Best wishes to one of TRF's awesome pollmasters! Cheers to many more for you!(I apologize for lack of pics, still away from home on cheap phone) http://i.imgur.com/mZknveW.jpg
  14. :cheers: :cheers: Happy 2nd Anniversary, vaportrailer !! :cheers: :cheers: Cheers to a world traveler who is kind enough to let us all share his adventure posts! Here's to many more years, and here's a happy pizza to celebrate with! ;)
  15. :cheers: :cheers: Happy 11th Anniversary, Verena !! :cheers: :cheers: Best wishes to someone who is always very kind and positive in her posts- it makes me happy to see them! Cheers to your 11 years on TRF!
  16. :cheers: :cheers: Happy 14th Anniversary, librarian !! :cheers: :cheers: Cheers to your 14 years- wow! I'm always glad to see another book lover - best wishes on your anniversary and many more!
  17. From Danforth and Pape- "Rush’s utterly iconic first live album was recorded at the utterly iconic Massey Hall at 178 Victoria Street in Toronto on June 11th, 12th and 13th during their 2112 tour. All the World's a Stage was Rush's first US Top 40-charting album and went gold, alongside A Farewell to Kings and 2112 on November 16th 1977. It was certified platinum in the US in 1981 after the release of Moving Pictures. In the words of the band at the time of the album’s release, “This album to us, signifies the end of the beginning, a milestone to mark the close of chapter one, in the annals of Rush.” Choose your own adventure (or memories!)- how many formats did you have it in? (that blue cassette looks like one of those totally unauthorized Mexican cassettes they used to have in the gas station for $4.00 . . . .)
  18. :cheers: :cheers: Happy 6th Anniversary, EagleMoon ! :cheers: :cheers: Cheers for six years to the expert in all things bass, and a fellow AFTK fan. Here's a photo of a good looking bass ;) to celebrate with!
  19. :cheers: :cheers: Happy Anniversary, Union 5-3992 !! :cheers: :cheers: Cheers to your 7 years of TOSTing and hanging out on TRF !! Best Wishes!
  20. :cheers: Happy 8th Anniversary, PM !! :cheers: Cheers to the guy whose posts gave us an inside look at Lambeau Field and who is one of the awesome guys on TRF! Here's to your 8 years and many more!
  21. :cheers: Happy 12th Anniversary, thesweetscience ! :cheers: Cheers to a fellow NASCAR fan - I hope you get to squeeze in some races this summer! Here's to many more years on TRF !
  22. :ebert: :ebert: Happy 4th Anniversary, fraroc !! :ebert: :ebert: I always enjoy it when you bring up new artists and music to listen to- and of course, of all the frarocs, you're the frarockiest! Cheers to your four years and many more on TRF!
  23. :cheers: Happy 8th Anniversary, Rod !! :cheers: Best wishes to the guy who has forgotten more than I know about Prog and metal bands, and who does the most interesting interviews with those musicians !! Cheers and here's to many more years on TRF !
  24. :cheers: Happy Anniversaries to Saltshaker and MusicHead !! :cheers: Cheers for 10 big years to Saltshaker, who has been very helpful with sharing his hard drive! And happy 8 year anniversary to MusicHead; a fellow Dean Koontz fan! Here's to many more years on TRF for you both!
  25. :cheers: :cheers: Happy 13th Anniversary, JB !! :cheers: :cheers: Congrats to the guy who's an awesome combination of musical knowledge, movie facts, Asian travel advice and of course, Marvel fandom !! Cheers to your 13 years (wow!) and many more to come!
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