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Found 4 results

  1. Hey so GNR have put out a new single today and.... I really like it. It reminds me of Perfect Crime or Back Off B**** from UYI 1. I didn't mind the last single, but it was kinda not really their style? Anyway if these singles are indicative of a full length album I think it might be worth discussing, so here's an official thread for what is still one of the most contentious bands of the rock era. New single here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdBsMBaqnME
  2. Welp, Kurt Cobain famously hated Guns N' Roses, and Nirvana inarguably turned rock and roll on its side and effectively destroyed hair metal with Nevermind. One might assume here that Cobain not only hated GNR, but possibly the entire 80s hair rock and glam rock scene that (from the outside) seemed so infatuated with the excesses of the rock and roll lifestyle they forgot to write good music (not that I agree). Here's the rub, Axl Rose also famously held disdain for the rest of the 80s rock scene when GNR came to conquer it. He claimed, as I recall, that no one wrote music with any actual sentiment anymore, and that he was here to change that. GNR had a reputation as the band which who's lives actually did revolve solely around drugs, sex, and rock and roll, while other bands only played the image up for its commercial appeal (Motley Crue aside). So, all of that aside. Which of the two biggest rock bands of that four or five year period do you prefer? GNR, who set out to kill hair metal but failed, or Nirvana, the band that didn't even aim to hit the top 40 and changed rock and roll forever (killing hair metal in the process)? I've never been a big Nirvana fan personally. Between my favorite Nirvana song ("In Bloom," or "Heart Shaped Box") and my favorite GNR song ("Sweet Child Of Mine," probably)...it's GNR easily.
  3. Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles As was reported via Press Release Phoenix Down is going to be working with Producer/Extraordinaire Steve Thompson(who's resume is a literal who's who list of some of the BIGGEST bands of all time Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slash, Mick Jagger, Paul Simon, The Rolling Stones and so many more..It's a 9 page resume(Seriously) ha,ha As you can imagine having someone like that show even a little interest in the band is a HUGE thing one that we hope we are worthy of...more news on this to follow...might be going to Toronto to record...depends on how things play out over the next months. Our relationship with Sam Taylor(King's X/ZZ Top/Galactic Cowboys) is still intact and the two of them will be working side by side to create the best career path for the band. And the most artisticly viable new CD...Presently the new CD is entitled The Dawn Of Oblivion and will be a concept album with two parts tying into The Cycle Of Strife Saga. On February 5, 2013 Phoenix Down re-released digitally The Cycle of Strife available for download at Phoenix Down. The band is also in talks with an award winning animator about doing an animation style video for The Cycle Of Strife epic and hope to have details tied down on that in the next few weeks. For right now the band did release a lyric video via their Youtube channel at Phoenix Down it's for the song Truth. http://youtu.be/6hyLyr3JpYk If you actually went to youtube to check out the lyric video for Truth you saw the video for our Kickstarter program which will be live in the next few days you can see the which you can see a preview for HERE. The band is in hopes that as many people can help them achieve their dream through this program...there are a ton more REALLY cool items to announce that I will be announcing in the next several weeks...if we reach our goal in Kickstarter there will be another REALLY BADASS incentive. I will have more details on that as we get closer to that!! The band will also have a new official website launching in the upcoming weeks!!! Thank you for your help Phoenix Down Follow the band at: www.facebook.com/phoenixdown2112 www.reverbnation.com/phoenixdown2112 www.twitter.com/pberger2112
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