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Found 2 results

  1. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/dave-grohl-announces-solo-project-play-23-minute-song-and-mini-doc-705529/ In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel he kinda makes a big deal about how he recorded it and how the video features seven of him on camera at once each playing different instruments, but what he kinda fails to emphasize is the fact that he's composed a 23 minute continuous instrumental piece, which I believe he's never actually done before, and would be his longest track to date with any group iirc? I went ahead and preordered it on iTunes because it's dirt cheap. 2.98 for the track and the video, comes out this friday. I don't know quite what to expect other than it being heavy rock, but he mentioned he played piano on it, and I think a saw a xylophone in pictures...so this could get interesting.
  2. List your thoughts and predictions according to these three categories; #1 PREDICTABLE SCENARIOS: obvious choices in terms of performance time allotted and the notion of playing popular (well-known) songs representative of the band's career. *list your predictions for both the band's performance and the 'jam' finale. # 2 INTERESTING POSSIBILITIES: considering their talent, their Canadian politeness, their sense of humor, and their openness to trying new things, list your ideas or predictions about something that might happen with RUSH and other inductees or presenters at the show. # 3 TOTALLY COOL BUT UNLIKELY: List the wild ideas you'd like to pitch to the producers of the show. MY PREDICTABLE SCENARIOS: RUSH plays some combination of the following: *The Spirit of Radio *Limelight *Tom Sawyer *2112 *Closer to the Heart *Working Man (unlikely because of length) RUSH plays an instrumental medley including: *Portions of *2112 *La Villa After the instrumental medley RUSH finishes their performance set with 1-2 full versions of: *Tom Sawyer *The Spirit of the Radio —including both Limelight and Tom Sawyer are unlikely as they are from the same album. And Working Man is a long song, trimming the guitar solos would be gutting it RUSH + Heart play in the finale jam: *Any Led Zeppelin Song *Any song from a shared influence *Hotel California w/ Henley - Nancy Wilson, Alex, and Dave Grohl on the guitars. __**__**__** MY INTERESTING POSSIBILITES: Rush plays a version of their :2112 (Overture) Finding My Way (no singing) Anthem (no singing) La Villa Tom Sawyer or other MP song (Geddy Sings) The Spirit of Radio (Geddy Sings) RUSH + Public Enemy do a mashup of Tom Sawyer - the one Rush song that translates to that style. (I think the Beastie Boys did a version.) The lyrics and attitude lend themselves to the Public Enemy style, Neil and Ged could get a grove going...could be interesting. If HEART is inducted last, then the finale could begin with RUSH joining them on stage for Crazy on You, Alex on electric, Nancy on acoustic. If RUSH is inducted last, then the finale could being with Heart and possibly others joining them on stage for Limelight, Ann Wilson / Travis singing. __**__**__** MY TOTALLY COOL BUT UNLIKELY: RUSH opens the show with The Spirit of Radio. RUSH opens the show with Limelight. RUSH finishes their set with Headlong Flight with the extended drum solo. RUSH finishes their set with YYZ with the latest drum solo from the CA tour. The Police opens the RUSH induction set with a Reggae version of Working Man that morphs into the hard version when RUSH appears on stage. Copeland's drum kit spins around, revealing the NP kit. Metallica opens the RUSH induction with an unannounced appearance, playing 2112 Overture and Temples. RUSH concludes their induction set with Closer to the Heart, Alex introducing the band and doing a classic rant about hanging with Flavor Flav and Randy Newman. Special recognition is given to Neil Peart as the greatest living Rock Drummer. Phil Colins and Stewart Copeland announce a special exhibit to open in the RRHOF which will feature the classic N. Peart, K. Moon, & J. Bonham drum kits displayed on a giant turntable with hologram drummers playing famous solos. Neil Peart joins Public Enemy for their entire set, doing mini-solos and groves throughout. Alex wears a Flavor Flav Clock during the finale. The Grande Finale of the show is a Spirit of Radio jam with Randy Newman on keyboards, Nancy Wilson singing a verse or a chorus, Don Henley playing a tambourine. The Grande Finale of the show is Led Zeppelin's Rock & Roll with Dave Grohl, Travis Taylor Hawkins, and Neil playing drums in synch, but the boys defer to the master, the professor, Pratt for the outro drum solo. Lastly, Rush should announce they are donating to the RRHOF the guitar urinated on by Joan Jett.
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