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  1. We just went to San Antonio with our kids last summer! I can say you are staying in the best area in town! Very Lively and fun! Make sure you take the River crusie and See the Bats at sunset! There is also a very nice restaurant at the Sky tower, a bit pricey but the views were incredible, again at sunset! If you have a time and want to get out of the heat, go to Natural Bridge Caverns during the day! Your won't regret it!


    San Antonio is a beautiful city full of history and excitement!


    You're going to go bananas, specially after a 2.gif show!



  2. I must admit! I really should have had Bastile Day on the Poll! It is an extremely good opener! Another song I feel would make a good opener is Hemispheres! (Prelude)! Can you imagine the crowd when those first few first chords come in! No-one would expect it! People will drown from the gathering drool!



  3. Well it looks like earthshine is running away with it! You know looking at the Song list! VP was a pretty good album too bad it sounds so crappy! I would really hope the boys have it remixed by Nick Raskulinecz! Just two songs that were remixed for Working Man improved the songs ten fold!


    Come on guys have at it before I die!



  4. QUOTE
    I voted nay for one reason - Freeze. That song blows chunks off of my ass.


    I don't know I think I would like to hear Freeze if it would bring back The Weapon and The Enemy Within. Besides it is one of the better tunes from VT.


    The Weapon and especially Freeze are inferior songs


    have you lost you lost your mind? The Weapon an inferior song?


    Dude check yourself! wacko.gif

  5. Well even though I know that One Little Victory would be the best presentation with the dragon fire and all and My favorite song from Vapor trails is Secret Touch. I'm going with Vaport Trails since they've never played it!


    Wouldn't it be great if they played Freeze and the rest of the Fear quadrology?


    Is quadrology even a word?



  6. Must Plays:


    Tom Sawyer


    Spirit of the Radio





    None! It just wouldn't be a Rush concert without them!


    Would Pink Floyd drop comfortably Numb?

    Would Jethro Tull drop Aqualung?

    Would Yes drop Roundabout?

    Would Genesis Drop Turn it on Again?


    NO!!!!! dazed025.gif


    I think I made my point!





  7. Well I guess we will all agree that the show will begin with some "Time Machine Movie Starring Alex or the Guys! Then they'll keep flashing the year and the album cover for which the next song will be. I also expect to see pics of the guys around those year being shown.


    Now its when it could get creative.


    News clips form the year of the song being played,


    Lighting to reflect the same,


    Maybe bringing back different stuff like the Giant Rabbits from Presto,


    Countdown on HD screen would be cool with the fog machines.


    Lazers of course during Dreamline or Red sector A.


    Any thoughts or should I just scram!



  8. Ok here's a revised list:


    Far Cry

    Time Stand Still


    Cut To The Chase

    *New Song*


    Working them Angles

    The Main Monkey Business

    Jacob's Ladder

    Boone's Bane

    The Trees


    Distant Early Warnings

    Closer To The Heart (Extended)

    The Spirit Of Radio





    Tom Sawyer

    Red Barchetta



    The Camera Eye

    Witch Hunt

    Vital Signs

    Show Don't Tell

    Stick it Out


    Drum Solo (Ending w/ Hockey Theme)


    The Big Money





    2112: Overture/Temples Of Syrinx

    La Villa Strangiato

    2112 Finale


    I'm Happy with that one!




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