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  1. I love every Rush album, especially their early ones but I still say clockwork angels is a masterpiece. Only one song of theirs makes say how the hell did they come up with that and that is Tom Sawyer. But clockwork angels makes me say the same thing about the whole album


    I agree CA is in my top 3. Its Wall to Wall!

  2. Losing It


    The dancer slows her frantic pace

    In pain and desperation,

    Her aching limbs and downcast face

    Aglow with perspiration


    Stiff as wire, her lungs on fire,

    With just the briefest pause --

    The flooding through her memory,

    The echoes of old applause.


    She limps across the floor

    And closes her bedroom door...


    The writer stare with glassy eyes --

    Defies the empty page

    His beard is white, his face is lined

    And streaked with tears of rage.


    Thirty years ago, how the words would flow

    With passion and precision,

    But now his mind is dark and dulled

    By sickness and indecision


    And he stares out the kitchen door

    Where the sun will rise no more...


    Some are born to move the world --

    To live their fantasies

    But most of us just dream about

    The things we'd like to be


    Sadder still to watch it die

    Than never to have known it

    For you -- the blind who once could see --

    The bell tolls for the...

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  3. No live. A crime along with Cut to the Chase


    Cut To The Chase is the real shame there.


    This is Exactly was i was thinking. Two songs that should have made it to their live show. I feel if they were having the longer tours they had towards the end, we would have heard both tracks Live. Who know maybe when they have their reunion tour!

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  4. Well Let me take a stab at this!


    MP VS PeW


    Tom Sawyer < The Spirit of Radio

    Red Barchetta > Freewill

    YYZ > Jacobs Ladder

    Limelight > Entre Nous

    The Camera Eye > Different Strings

    Witch Hunt < Natural Science

    Vital Signs < Natural Science


    So Moving Pictures Wins out 4 to 3!




    Moving Pictures!

  5. The good thing about this is that we'll get to hear some more new Rush-like tunes not to mention songs from their solo albums when they hit the road.






    Red Barchetta

    New Song

    My Favorite Headache



    Jacobs Ladder

    The Trees



    SET 2:


    Working Man


    ByTor & the Snowdog/

    The Necromancer

    A passage to Bangkok

    A Farewell to kings

    La Villa Strangiato

    Natural Science

    Camera Eye

    2112 (Entire)



    The Spirit of Radio

    Tom Sawyer

    Headlong Flight


  6. Rush: Here Again

    Fly By Night: Best I Can

    Caress of Steel: The Necromancer

    2112: Tears

    AFtK: Madrigal

    Hemispheres: The Trees

    Permanent Waves: Different Strings

    Signals: Losing It

    P/G: Kid Gloves

    PoW: Emotion Detector

    HYF: Open Secrets

    Presto: Chain Lightning

    RTB: Ghost of A Chance

    Counterparts: Cut to the Chase

    Test For Echo: Half the World

    Vapor Trails: Vapor Trail

    Snakes & Arrows: Armour & Sword

    Clockwork Angels: Seven Cities of Gold

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