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  • Birthday 12/10/1978

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    Twin Falls, Idaho
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    Rush, endurance cycling, Rush, weightlifting, Rush, music, Geddy Lee, hiking, Rush...oh, you get the idea!

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    Salt Lake City, July 31st, 2013
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    Too many to mention just one!
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    Again, I can't choose just one!
  • Best Rush Experience
    I'll let you know when I get to meet them... Ok, I got to meet Geddy and Alex before the show in Vegas this last tour! OH MY GOD! Alex and Geddy both let me hug them, and Geddy put his arm around me and pulled me in close for the picture. It was awesome, even if it was only 30 seconds or so...
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    Queensryche, Dream Theater, Anberlin, Billy Joel, Eric Johnson, etc...
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    Guitar and Bass

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  1. Where are you Jaime???
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