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    Martial Arts, Music, Movies, Video games, Anime, foriegn languages (especially Japanese), Japanese history and culture, drawing, walking through the great outdoors

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    when baxtrice introduced me head on for the first time
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    Pink Floyd, Tool, Jimi Hendrix
  1. if anyone here is from ASMB (Adult Swim Message Boards....www.adultswim.com) im not referring to you
  2. Rush is the best....and to get the full affect of Rush's awesomeness I should really start with the beginning and work my way up. What is Rush's first album and next album so I know what to work with?
  3. http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll210/Shiznik_2008/RushBig.gif
  4. I've heard of the band but really havent sat down and listened to any Rush music....until a few weeks ago when my good friend came down to visit me and my wife. She popped in a dvd of the Rush concert Snakes and Arrows and omg was I blown away. These guys are awesome!!!! I just want to listen to more now from the very first album on. Are there any recommended songs/albums that anyone would like to get me hooked on?
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