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  1. Nothin' special ... not too cold but still no Vitamin D in sight. I wasn't home yesterday to see the snow melt on the roof of the Caddy ... just more free ice overnight.
  2. I hope you're getting plenty of football and birthday loot!
  3. That being said ... the hoar frost is absolutely beautiful in Saskatchewan today.
  4. I think it's kinda neat when it's FROGGY sometimes! Not for a week.
  5. Happy Birthday Ozzy! I hope you get your hand in the cookie jar tonight, whatever that means! Have a good one and don't forget to call in sick tomorrow! Tell them it's all my fault!
  6. A fresh coat of freezing rain on the prairie to whet ones appetite for commuting.
  7. ... to match your clothes? ... everybody's talkin' at me ... la la la
  8. Light snow, frosty, calm wind, 18 farenheit. Perfect winter moving day ... oh burn; it's autumn!!!?
  9. I wish I could act like the Tin Ombudsman lol! That has never served me well in my life ... but this was the last straw. I am growing resentful and ... my sciatic nerve flared up for a week. Thanks for the anniversary wishes and I hope you are doing well!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to the North American / southern chapter membership of the TRFERS! I wish yous all a safe and wonderful get together with family and friends! ... same goes to any southern folks misplaced N49 for various reasons including Alaska ... you are always welcome in the land of Canucks!
  11. I needed all the music I could find to get me through this day. I started work at 6am and finished the reno from hell at 12:30 and the realtor arrived 2 hours later. I finally stopped pacing by 4pm. I've never been OCD in my life, that was close. Are you getting enough guitar? Thanks for the kind words and numbers Orfie, Lucas and Custom!
  12. Thanks for your thoughtful Tin Anniversary greeting BC! It doesn't seem that long ago that I found this happenin' place while I was looking for Snakes and Arrows information. The people here are top drawer and flat out crazy fun! I hope we can hang for another ten years so I can divulge what I had for lunch at the care home!
  13. Sticking my caulk in all the wrong places Voiding a warranty, Avoiding a warrant Unabated to the couch ... recollections from the day
  14. Happy Birthday! I hope it was enjoyable!
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