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  1. Thanks for the awesome contributory examples of the self deprecating comedy style retained and thriving in the great White North! F err C U next year!
  2. Canadian inventors gave yous ... Paint rollers Garbage bags Pagers Peanut butter Road lines Wonder bras Archie search engines IMAX Pacemakers Basketball Goalie masks Pablum Insulin Java programing language Electric wheelchairs Wireless radio transmission Synthesisers Canola oil :rush: :cheers: Snow blowers Instant replay Practical (insert laughter here) telephone ... Nothing at all you would/could maybe use or unuse properly/improperly on any given day or night.
  3. Thunderstormin' on the prairie ... Riders On The Storm, up 25-0, Weather delay with two minutes remaining in the first half CFL week 3.
  4. Try not to burn the damned place down! :cheers: :codger:
  5. Listening to fire crackers on a mostly inauspicious occasion.
  6. Fixing a hole where the rain came in ... To be cont'd
  7. April Wine/I Like To Rock
  8. 2112 Chicago IX DSOTM Songs You Know by Heart Jimmy Buffet Hotel California
  9. Pretty Maids All In A Row Peaceful Easy Feeling The Last Resort The Sad Cafe Those Shoes
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