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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh, :smoke: Nice one to dig up... :codger: Hope you are all well on this fine 4:20 :smoke: Doing really good here in Colorado.. ;)


    :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: Tully!! :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:

    Hey There You Party Animal.. :hi:

  2. High There.. :smoke:

    Has been some time, back with the update I had issues with the View New Content and still do, that's why I'm not around very much.

    But I just noticed also that I don't show up in the Anniversary Dates.. :fuckinputer:

    Been a member since April 20th 2008. :P

    Happy 4:20 :smoke:

  3. I've been doing a marathon of Cheech/Chong movies since I never seen them before. I'm watching them chronologically and just finished Nice Dreams on Crackle. My dad loved their movies and comedy albums back in the day. He even kind of resembles Chong with his facial hair. :LOL:


    I'm also wearing my Dude Abides tee in honor of today. :smoke:

    Nice :smoke: Up In Smoke was so funny... :LOL:

  4. :rage: Can't we just leave the time alone... :facepalm: Hate to change the time... :boo hiss: Who ever came up with this is :crazy:

    It was originally put in place (idea suggested by Ben Franklin I believe) to save energy by keeping daylight during useful parts of the day.



    However, at this point, it is certainly obsolete. :( :huh:

    Yes it was Uncle Ben that started it and it was GW Bush that added a month to it, 3 weeks early and a week longer and yes it is obsolete and stupid..

    Get rid of it..

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