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  1. QUOTE (rushgoober @ Jun 26 2010, 07:57 AM)I really don't usually EVER jump on any Neil-bashing bandwagon, this is just one thing I think he should have been at, that's all. ...Except for all the posts I've read of yours Do you even really dig Rush, or just the sound of your own voice when you read your posts aloud to yourself?
  2. Love Time and Motion! That heavy break reminds me so much of my favorite Rush song, Cygnus, I was floored when I first gave TFE a spin! It struck me as a "back to roots" recording. Interestingly, the release of TFE coincided with my first realt time on the Internet, since my local radio station had previewed a song from the new record. We had just connected online at work, and while searching for info about the TFE release, I stumbled onto my first 'net message board, The National Midnight Star, a Rush forum. So much about that album just coincided with events in my life at that time, the 'net (Virtuality) the above mentioned link with T&M, Test for Echo's call to fans, the art. TFE was my favorite "new" Rush album for many years....
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