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    Chicago, IL
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    Playing Rush on guitar, reading, playing computer games, and........QueenLerxst (my wife), LOL.

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    Too many great songs too choose from.
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    Either sitting in 3rd row in front of Alex at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI. for the Presto tour, or when I was at Marcus Amphitheater in Milwaukee, WI for the Vapor Trails Tour, I saw Alex giving meet & greets, next to an ambulance, down below the entrance bridge to the theater. After he was finished I yelled "Alex we love you!!!", and he heard me, and turned around. When he saw me and all the fans standing up on the bridge, he used both hands to blow us kisses as he went back into the theater. LOL what a ham.
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    Triumph, Tesla, Queensryche, Styx, Journey, Cinderella
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  1. Hey everybody. I just went to Rush.com, and all it loads are the links at the top of the page. You know, News, Tour, Band, Search, Shop, and Discography. And, none of the links work except Shop. Anybody else experiencing this? Are they performing maintenance on the website or something?
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