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    Hawick Scotland

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    secc 30th anv tour
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    fly by night
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    farewell to kings
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    metallica dream theater
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  1. Witch hunt listen to that guitar man ho ho ho h o
  2. Natural Science then i put the album back on again. Spirit of Radio is on every rock compilation. God Rush did more than 1 song.
  3. Listen to the classical guitar on trees is that TALENT or what. ALEX guitar hero
  4. oh the chimes, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome xanaduuuuu. When i listen to this track i feel young ish again. When my Uncle Fred goes to a rush gig its like a broken record, he keeps shounting xanadu and thats even after theyve played it. Thank you Fred for introducing me to a little band called RUSH 23 years ago
  5. Gosh, them all on side 2, i bought the record. Side 1 was awesome too. Loved tears and lessons
  6. I think im going bald. Am i, headbanging days are over. No seriously thats the track i love. This was my first experience of the amazing RUSH, when i bought archives on tape
  7. This is a very hard album to pick a fav, but if my arm was bent it would have to be "Fly by Night" which has a killer guitar riff
  8. Awesome album, Need some love rocks my boat. Geddy's vocals are stunning.
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