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    Birmingham NEC Arena 11/9/2004
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    The Camera Eye - 1st song I heard!!
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    Permanent Waves
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    Rush R30 - NEC ARENA
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    ColdPlay, Pink Floyd
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    Guitar electric & Classical
  1. Just a few of the thoughts going through my head at the mo workin them braincells.......
  2. Synchronized astonishment due to awesome speed of answer!!!! I could have you for the spelling of neigHbour but that would be way too cruel Me thinks less clues would slow up the answer machines around here Congrats Looking forward to the next one - which is (without putting the pressure on) going to be utterly brilliant So Garden Dancer - yer up!
  3. There's a real head of steam built up here so try this one out for size HANDSOME ROULETTE CHAMPION HAD GOLDEN ANGEL BEHIND HER took some real brain ache to get that one done - quite pleased with it though There are 10 words, biggest is 9 letters and we've gone back in time a bit A drink awaits the winner => or
  4. Well done to Garden Dancer for getting my last one. I think you have stuck to the latest album for your scramble Is it... I've got my own moral compass to steer by a guiding star beats a spirit in the sky from Faithless ? Here's hoping....
  5. Hi, everyone - sorry for the delay in posting - had some holiday, yeah! Looks like I'm getting a reputation for messing with peoples heads!! So...... Here goes..... THAT GEDDY HIP ONE WANTS VARIATION STATE All I can say at this stage is that the biggest word is 7 letters... and in the famous words of Neil Square for battle, let the fray begin
  6. Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you.. for the clues That was a good one... please let this be right.... The pain has been horrible! is it.. A PHOSPHORESCENT WAVE ON A TROPICAL SEA Roll The Bones 1991 - Cold Fire
  7. I see things have moved on a bit - but well done Rolinda Bonz
  8. a clue....... OK....... try this......... 9,2,3,7,2,3,4 - longest word at the front should cut down the search. more clues available to the needy! early 80's Good luck and there are a few cans waiting for the victor. Synchronized drinking looks kinda good, don't you think?
  9. Thank you Rolinda Bonz - a little something for the weekend. EASY WHEN FINGERTIPS CONTROL FIGHT I'll just say that this is early eighties and the longest word is 9 letters.
  10. Have I got myself one little victory here? Is it: A shot of satisfaction ? (Vapor trails - 2002)
  11. Rolinda Bonz - Right on the money Your turn
  12. Time for some help? AND WEATHER SOUNDS CONTENT 1,8,3,4,7 mid 70's
  13. Thank you!! It's always nice to get one of these AND WEATHER SOUNDS CONTENT We're back in the 70's with this one! I love the new album!!!!! When I see later this year - I want to hear plenty of stuff from the new album - I normally want to hear the good old stuff - but not this time - S&A is the business - the real monkey business infact edited 'cause I couldn't spell!!!
  14. The one thing I'm learning is that I'm NOT consistent with these anagrams!! I stared and stared at the last one - just couldn't get it. But ..... I think I got this one... Video Vertigo, Test For Echo 1996 Test For Echo
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