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    Wrexham, Wales
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    Music, Soccer, Golf, Walking, playing with my little lad - Alex!!

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    Manchester 2005
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    Camera Eye
  • Favorite Rush Album
    Power Windows
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    Seeing them 'move' for the first time on the "Exit" video back in the mid 80's - incredibly exciting and resulted in me spending my life savings on a bass guitar much to my Dad's chagrin!!
  • Other Favorite Bands
    Dream Theater, Yes, Spock's Beard
  • Musical Instruments You Play
    Bass. Just got some drums too!!
  1. I went for Halle Berry even though she's as mad as a bag of cats. My vote would ordinarily have been for Britain's own perfect woman, Kelly Brook - see for yourself.. http://www.rodsterino.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/loadedmay/Kelly%20Brook04%20-%20Loaded%20May%202003.jpg
  2. Got to be either Moving Pictures or Power Windows for me - real tough to choose!!
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