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  1. Everyone knows or should know what im talking about. The timbale on new world man, what a great sound. I have a pair of baja steel timbales on my set right now but i just ordered some full brass LP 13/14 timbales whcih were used at the time on neils kit "13". My baja steel timbales are cranked down tight and it sounds close, but its definitely not the crack we hear on the recording or even on GUP live. Any one go down this road yet to achieve this sound? what heads did you use? Tuning? Etc Thanks
  2. guys i finally got the high octave E in by zildjian. they were on back order and it took forever.... i will confirm or at least give a good opinion that the high octave E sounds exactly like the note used in YYZ. thanks for all the input!
  3. Anyone attempt to build this? Anyone have any success? I was thinking about building one for my replica kit. I seen a few on Andrew olsens Neil peart history site. Any help or info would be great. Thanks!
  4. Thank you all for the input. I order the zildjian high octave E. I’ll get back on this forum when it arrives and I try it
  5. what is the note for the single crotale used between the hi hat and the snare. Ive heard about 4 different notes from the research F LOW CROTALE F# LOW CROTALE C HIGH CROTALE C# HIGH CROTALE E HIGH CROTALE WHICH ONE IS IT!!! The closest ive heard was E high ocatve zildjian crotale Thanks briley
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