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  1. 1 hour ago, ST3V said:

    ive seen this video maybe 7 times now, will never get tired of it. theres just something about the way he shreds thats.. different - its special.


    Listen to Steven Wilson and Rick Beato talk about Guthrie's playing, they sum it up perfectly. Skip to 29:20




    Here's another Beato video about Guthrie.



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  2. 12 minutes ago, blackhawkrush said:

    It's funny how one can go through life, as I have, disliking bananas and being indifferent to cheese, and then be able to eat, and enjoy, a banana and cheese sandwich like this. :zalice:


    Right. Mr. Blackhawk. Come at me with that banana! Hold it like that, that's it. Now attack me with it! Come on! :banana:

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  3. 49 minutes ago, IbanezJem said:

    The walls of these houses are lined with prestressed asbestos which keeps the house warm and snuggly and ever so safe from the big bad rabbit, who can scratch and scratch for all he's worth, but he just can't get into Porky's house. :nyanya:


    :no:  Imagine not that these four walls contain the Mighty Owl of Thebes? For, gentles all, beauty sits most closely to them it can construe. :yes:

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