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  • Birthday 10/09/1964

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    Waterford, Rep. Of Ireland
  • Interests
    Films, Horror novels,Stephen King in particular <br>and reading in general,<br>short story writing,eating out!!!<br>Seinfeld,Nowhere Man,good tv!

Music Fandom

  • Number of Rush Concerts Attended
  • Last Rush Concert Attended
    wembley,sept 2004
  • Favorite Rush Song
    Camera Eye
  • Favorite Rush Album
    Moving Pictures
  • Best Rush Experience
    First hearing Moving Pictures while still in school and loving every thing about it,concert in 2004 in UK, visiting Toronto and standing at City Hall where MP'S cover shot was done!!!
  • Other Favorite Bands
    Pink Floyd,Genesis,The Who
  • Musical Instruments You Play
    Triangle! no none,sorry!
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