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  1. What You're Doing Circumstances
  2. Yay, a bit of love for Division Bell - one of my favourite albums of all time!
  3. Still my favourite RHCP album - the greatness started from here...
  4. What You're Doing Cinderella Man
  5. The Trees Something For Nothing
  6. yyz305

    The Worst of Rush

    Nice idea, even if you are bored! I definitely wouldn't have some of these tracks on a 'Worst Of' collection. Best I Can, Take A Friend, High Water, Sweet Miracle, The Stars Look Down and a few more wouldn't make my Worst of...Not sure what I'd replace them with - probably make it a 1 disc set instead.
  7. Can't wait to hear the album in its entirety
  8. I'm still waiting for my physical copy. Let me know what you think.
  9. The Trees Between Sun And Moon
  10. As great as some of this is, it just isn't up to the quality they've produced from By The Way onward...controversial, I know!
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