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    Astronomy, Time Travel, Geology, The Human Condition, Love, music, Photography, books...

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    Vapor Trails
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    Secret Touch
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    Vapor Trails
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    Roxy Music, Suzanne Vega
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    Violin, Piano.
  1. Nocturne is a great song. The changing patterns fit. Great atmosphere, lyrics and the drums sound excellent.
  2. I like war paint off this album. After that, available light is interesting.
  3. A special album for me too. I heard this going into highschool.
  4. I have to play Dreamline everytime I am driving into Vegas...
  5. The sound on this album is some of their best, Hey guys I hope you work with Andy Wallace again I liked T4E, but decided it was their corporate formulaic radio song.. I like driven. But, time and motion, is what its about.
  6. Tough choices, But I like secret touch alot. There is a lot there. The music just says much about the tension and friction and turmoil, ..and willpower. But, I like to that I can almost see each band member go off in their own experiences and ...come back together, sorta. As if being in the same room, but mentally somewhere else..those lingering thoughts It is truly original.
  7. I have to follow Mr. Soul. The cymbals and snare sound great.
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