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  1. I find no absolution

    In my rational point of view

    Maybe some things are instinctive

    But there's one thing you could do

    You could try to understand me

    I could try to understand you

    You could try to understand me

    I could try to understand you

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  2. Also, drastically different than Neil's book - the first Toronto show. I watched it on periscope. I knew it was a disaster. Neil states in his book that it was not a good show (Ged quoted as ~"The worst experience on stage of my career") In the movie they portrayed the first night in Toronto as a "Great show". Doesn't really jive - sort of revisionist.


    I don't think they were talking about the first show. In the movie, when talking about the "great" Toronto show, they specifically referred to the "Friday" show which was the second show, not the first.


    I agree the first show was not great but the second one was.

    Yeah, they were talking about the Friday show. The Wednesday show was a trainwreck :LOL:

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  3. I absolutely loved it. But by the end I just got hit by a wave of emotion. I'm gonna miss those guys :(




    I feel the same...I got emotional about it at the end, too. Not all the way through; a lot of it was also just fun.


    I highly recommend it to all of you!

    Any audience members crying?

    Didn't really check around but people were in a sort of sad silence afterwards.

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  4. He posted a picture of Thunderbirds he must've recently acquired on Instagram with the caption "Sometimes you just have to throw some love at some basses that I've overlooked for years...super cool 64 reverse Tbirds in Pelham Blue, Kerry Green, Ember Red, Heather Mist Poly, Frost Blue etc." I wouldn't mind hearing him play one on a new solo record :)
  5. I may not have any kids, but I can tell the story of how my dad got me into Rush. I remember being young and hearing Snakes and Arrows in the car and telling my dad "That guy can't sing!" :LOL: But then one fateful day we stopped at the store after school to get some groceries and saw Retrospective III sitting on a CD rack. My dad decided to buy it and we listened to it all the time in the car and that's where my love of Rush began believe it or not. I basically memorized every song on Retrospective III and when I got my first MP3 player the only two albums I had on it and listened to were Snakes and Arrows and Retrospective III. Then one day in 2010 my dad asked me "How would you like to go to a Rush show later this year?" I of course said yes, because at that point I really liked their music. So in August 2010 (I was only 9 at the time) I went to my very first Rush show on the Time Machine Tour in Omaha, NE. It happened to be on the night before the first day of 4th grade. :LOL: That night I was absolutely blown away by how incredible they sounded live. After that, my obsession had started. I began buying all of their albums on iTunes and listening to them. I loved each one and ended up becoming a total Rush nerd, unlike my dad who is less hardcore. I would often times spend time in school doodling Rush stuff (mostly Clockwork Angels stuff :LOL:) Since that first show I've been lucky enough to go see them 3 more times. There usually isn't a day that goes by without rush being listened to for me.
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