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  1. What is considered "big money?"


    I think the "out of debt after MP" part, has to do with corporately, the band / Anthem label were out of debt. But, from what I've read over the years, somewhere in the AFTK / Hemispheres days, the guys all had nice homes and nice cars, like a Jaguar or something similar.


    More to the point, it was just two years before the AFTK Tour that they were flat broke, nearly lost their deal with Mercury and were still playing half-filled small halls and high schools on the CS Tour (while driving around in a car.) So, within three years of Neil joining, they were headlining 3,000 seaters in the US and Europe and headlining 10,000 - 12,000 seat arenas in Canada.


    So, the "big money" is relative.


    When did the boys technically become millionaires? I recall reading an article in Canadian Musician Magazine just after the Hemisphere Tour (the one where Geddy is on the cover shot with a close up, holding one of his cats) where the writer called them "three millionaires." But, remember, if you have a net worth of $1,000,000, that makes you a millionaire...




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  2. Wow, I sure got my ass kicked on this one!!


    I would STILL like to see Mike playing something other than 3 chord kiddie pop.


    Hey, I got a challenge for you, can you actually talk about it without talking down to it?


    My sincere apologies. I didn't realize I wasn't allowed to have an opinion or a point of view.


    I'll never do it again.


    Now kiss my ass.

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  3. The BEST Rush T shirt moment ever - 1981, Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Moving Pictures Tour. 2nd night of three shows that I went to. This SMOKIN' HOT chick sitting directly in the row ahead of me, wearing skin tight jeans, 5 inch heels and a SKIN TIGHT 2112 T shirt with the sleeves cut off.


    Oh, and no bra. It was cool in there...

  4. I have always said and will always say that Hemispheres is the best album Rush ever produced. Best progressive rock album period, by any band. I honestly can't find one single fault with it - and I LOVE Geddy's vocals on it.


    "Some fought themselves, some fought each other, some just followed one another, lost and aimless like their brothers, for their hearts were so unclear"

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  5. I ended up on Mike's website the other day, after a minor bit of surfing. It has listed his upcoming tour dates and he is doing a pile of shows with... Twisted Sister. That's not a typo.


    Why would one of the world's top rock drummers play with one of the most basic, simplistic, kiddie pop bands that hasn't had a record in over 25 years? First, TS does NOT need a drummer of Mike's calibre, and second, Mike is looking like a has-been drummer desperate for work. A has-been drummer is NOT Mike Portnoy. He is an incredible drummer.


    Mike P playing in Twisted Sister is like Neil Peart Playing in AC / DC. Or, like Bill Bruford playing in Poison. Or, like Carl Palmer playing in Bon Jovi. Or, like Tony Royster Jr. playing in Kaye West's band. Oh, wait, he already did that. Sorry.


    I wish Mike would put together a new progressive rock band and stick with it.


    Me, scratching my head on this one.

  6. Hey, if anyone sees my ass somewhere, please let me know... I just got it kicked so hard that it went flying of the top part where my legs meet my lower back!!!!!!!


    Okay, dumb idea... I'd still LOVE to see it though!!!


    What about Fountain??? KIDDING!

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    Resounding "no" from the audience re: getting another drummer. Brown: It wouldn't be Rush.

    I'd be more than happy if they worked with another drummer, called the project something else, and worked with Brown for even a one-off EP.


    No way... No Neil, No Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Since there is so much press on the 40th B Day of 2112, wouldn't it be cool if the boys went back in and recorded the whole side one again with modern studio gear and effects? The same lyrics, but somewhat different mixing, effects, Neil's new drum sound... Geddy could sing in it a lower register so his testicles don't explode in his pants.


    Imagine this with Broon on the board... I'd buy it.

  9. In April, Geddy was also up to:


    Traveling to France with wife, Nancy, to gorge on fine wine and cheese... preparing to attend some Blue Jays games in Toronto... buying more vintage bass guitars... eating smoked meat sandwiches from Pincer's Deli in Willowdale and - calling Alex and Neil and saying, "Guys, get your effing asses over here right now! I have an idea for a new killer concept piece that'll be pushing 26 minutes when it's done."


    Alex hopped into his Mercedes and Neil hopped onto his BMW. Then, they called Terry Brown and booked some studio time at Metalworks in Mississauga.


    Then I woke up...

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  10. I think that if a band is making solid cash (enough to live and retire on) not getting paid for bootlegs is a small price to pay. It does increase they're popularity, so in theory, people will buy the commercially available albums.


    The principle of bootlegging is wrong because an artist should always be paid for their work or intellectual property etc. It's the smaller acts that are struggling financially that I feel bad for mostly.


    What REALLY has my brain spinning is WHY full albums, the same product that is available in-store, is on the Google... for free. Why would anyone buy the Clockwork Angles live DVD (for example) if they can watch it for free on-line? This to me, is the REAL problem.


    It's no wonder Rush hasn't sold a gold or platinum CD since A Test For Echo. Vapor Trails (2002) only sold about 350,000 (Gold in the US is 500,000) and that is when the internet really started taking off. Pretty much ALL of their albums before VT went gold or platinum. As many of us know, this is the main reasons why bands tour so much these days. They don't make much money from albums sales because most of it is on-line for free.


    If I were an artist and my product was being given away for FREE on-line, I'd lose my shit. That would be no different from going on-line and ordering a bunch of groceries... for free, rather than going to Safeway or Sobey's and buying it.


    Am I wrong?

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  11. There is a young girl (about 15) who works at a local grocery store. She told me she started taking guitar lessons a year ago. I asked if you she liked Rush. "Never heard of them." So, I wrote down a few songs for her to listen on the Youtubes... a few weeks later she told me "they're fu**ing awesome!"


    I gave her Tom Sawyer, Freewill, La Villa and The Camera Eye.


    Lesson one, complete. I gave her an A+. Lesson two is next week. I'm now deciding which songs to show her. Xanadu is number one on the list thus far.



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  12. As I suspected, many people here agree with me... AFTK, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves and MP. Quite a few nod to the Signals album too, in a hotly contested debate!


    So, which SONG out of the four-pack is your number one?


    Mine... would have to be Cygnus X1, Book II - Hemispheres, side one. No contest.

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  13. I have a feeling something like was discussed a couple years back, but anyway...


    Which four albums in a row are your favourites? For me, the classic Rush era is from 77 - 81. Or best four albums are:


    A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures. This to me, IS Rush. I could listen to only those four albums and get my fix.



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  14. I agree with the comments that Tom Arnold was funny as hell in season 10. "I'll pay ten grand to bang Lucy!" I thought the whole series was funny.


    John Dunsworth and Pat Roach (Mr. Lahey and Randy Bobandy) are doing their own Swear Net show now... "The Jim Lahey Show and Randy." I was asked to do an episode with them last week... Of course, it all ended up in a big scrap. I choked Mr. Lahey (almost to death), then Randy came over to rescue him and we started scrapping. Then, I threw a cheeseburger at him...


    It should be on the Google in a couple / three weeks or so. Watch for it - The Rugged Dude episode.


    I'll be doing more episodes with these guys in the upcoming weeks. CRAZY bastards!



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  15. Since Rush has been my favourite band since I first saw them as a starry eyed 14 year old in 1976, it is easy for me to say they still are - and always will be - my favourite band... by far.


    Like Eagle said, "so much history" now... I know there are people who have seen a lot more shows than I have, but I've been to 28 Rush shows now and there isn't one other band that I've seen more than three times. Well, accept for Max Webster back in the 70s and early 80s... 10 or 12??????????


    Cats in the bag,

    Neighbours holler

    This party's higher

    Than the Eiffel Tower!


    Alka Sezltre, Tang and a 50... it's all over,


    You got a hang over...

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  16. From what I've heard of the live recordings, the PW tour is when the band was at its peak playing live. And, GODDAM it, this is one of only a few tours that I missed since 1976!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. One huge problem with the Google... one thing leads to another. Rumours spread... everyone has their little bit to add or on which to expand.


    As Ancient Ways said, we still don't know what happened. And, if you think about it, it's none of our business anyway.


    Thanks, Google!! (My name for the Internet.)

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