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  1. A guy I know who claims to be the world's number one Neil Peart expert, (stalker, more like it) told me that on the Permanent Waves Tour Neil was using Slingerland drums. Not sure if I believe that one... if he is correct, they weren't the black ones. They looked kind of wood coloured brown. But, they sounded great!!
  2. Hemispheres will always be my number one Rush album. The other day, this young dude (who is taking his masters in music composition in UN) was over at my house. He plays just about everything, but his main instrument is guitar and he really rocks... he said he had "heard of Rush," but didn't know anything other than Tom Sawyer (from radio, obviously.) I played La Villa for him... he nearly dropped a big deuce in his pants. He is now a Rush maniac... in just a few days.
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  3. I had no idea that Tears was a popular song on the Google... there are tons of Tears covers. I wonder if a major artist will ever cover it and make it a hit? That would cool to see... Adele doing Tears. And, her label sending some wicked royalty cheques (that's Canadian for checks you Americans!) to Geddy.
  4. There have been times in my life where I've been pushed into doing things I didn't really want to, but felt I "should" anyway. I'm glad to see Neil sticking to his guns. You only live once... happy retirement, Neil. You've earned it.
  5. My favourite live drum sound was from the recording in St. Louis, 1980... not sure of two things though... - One, what drums did he use then, Slingerland or was he on the Tamas at that point? And, two, why in the hell are there lines and red ink running though my post? I didn't "touch" any buttons...
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  6. How can anyone not like eating raw oysters? Well, I can't eat one of those slippery, slimy goddam things. So, I must be the weird one, eh? Give me Rush's Hemispheres, a warm woodstove to sit beside and bowl of baked beans with chunks of moose sausage into 'er. That's my raw oysters... thank you!
  7. I just finished listening to By Tor from ATWAS. The solos Alex plays in that song (especially live) are insane... the way he uses his volume pedal to create those moods is really something, especially for someone who was only 23 years old at the time. So, your goddam right, Alex is in my top three and he is at the TOP of that list. Behind him are John Petrucci and Steve Hackett. Or, Steve Hackett and John Petrucci...
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  8. My best friend lived in Toronto then and saw that show with Max, at the old Maple Gardens. By then, Rush would always play three nights at that arena... and Max opened many of those. "Alka Seltzer, Tang and a 50..." Who here can finish that line????


    "It's All Over... Got a Hangover"


    Turn Up the sky Father Music - Everything below you is cancer

    Hmmm, nicely done... What about this one ? - "Cat's in the bag... neighbours holler..."

  9. Stealing a line from EagleMoon, I always thought The Trees was a very clever lyric... and everything rhymes so perfectly, if you like that sort of thing. The last line... "By hatchet, axe and saw." That sums it all up saying if they can't all get along, the human element will force them too. Political, I'd say. Again, very clever. I used to LOVE playing drums to that song... and yes, the middle part is in 5/4. It's a simple count.
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  10. Eagle, wouldn't that have been THE coolest if he had used his old black Slingerland drums (AFTK / Hemisphere era) for that second half of R40? Those drums had the best live sound, I'd say. The sound guy used Sennheiser 401s on the bass drums and 409s on the toms and they sounded really good. On the snare, they (probably) used a simple Shure 57... another great and old school live drum mic.
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  11. At least I know there are a few other old farts around here…


    Interesting side note (given that we now know about Neil not wanting to grab much of any spotlight opportunities) on that show, I recall Neil addressing the crowd (“Thank you Ottawa!”) at Geddy’s microphone as they were coming onstage for the encore. I didn’t think it was any big deal then, but could you image him doing that now?


    Wireless opened that show, whom I had never heard of then. I don’t think the band was together for long after that point, or got anywhere really. Max Webster would have been a much better opener, as they were for the AFTK tour.

  12. December 21, 1978... Ottawa Civic Centre, Rush Hemispheres Tour. I had seen Rush twice before... ALWAS Tour and the AFTK Tour. Both were amazing but for me - Hemispheres was THE concert.


    I was a skinny 16 year old kid who had been playing drums for four years, still not that good, but taking weekly lessons, trying SO hard and practicing my ass off, thanks to Neil.


    Sold out... 8,000 screaming fans. I recall people sleeping on the sidewalk IN DECEMBER trying to get tickets. Yes, that is what Rush was all about back then. It was insane.


    I’ve seen 28 shows, only missing a few tours. And, to me, that tour was the best example of how great Rush was live… no sequencers, just a ton of gear and talent. The MP Tour was incredible too, but Hemispheres topped all of them.


    Anyone here old enough to remember seeing that tour? If so, tell us your best memories. I’ll bet the younger members would love to hear…


    Me? I remember vividly, the blue and pink lights streaming down during Hemispheres, Book II. That’s when I saw God… three of them.


    And, coming from the world’s number one (and then some) Atheist, that’s saying something!!!

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  13. Just finished watching the R40 DVD. I now realize what a huge mistake it would be for the guys to come back with another album or another tour (even a small, scaled down one.)


    Rush is the best rock band ever… in my opinion, at least. I’ve seen 28 shows since 1976… only missed three tours. And, I want to remember them as they were - at the TOP of their game - not some old dudes who are trying hard, but not really doing it.


    If you're old enough, do you remember watching Mohammed Ali for his last few fights? I don’t want the guys in Rush to pull an Ali. I also don’t want to see them relegated to the casino circuit or playing festivals. Or, worse, playing on “package tours” along side other bands that were once great.


    Rush is over… let’s be happy we saw them when we did. Think about the song, "Losing it."

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  14. I liked Neil's double bass drums much better... you can add the two other tenor toms back into the mix as well.


    Side note - I've been drumming all of my life on and off... I always played two bass drums. A few times I tried a single drum with the double pedal and it always felt weird to me. The drumless pedal never had the impact of the direct hit of the mallet striking the drum head. Likely this was all in my head, but it sure felt better (and I think I played better) with two drums. Plus, two drums makes a great rack mount for the toms!!!

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